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When ordering RSVP cards..

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How detailed did you get about the meals? (i.e. chicken or chicken with sage stuffing) 

Did you leave a line for food allergies? If yes, did people tell you about legit ones or did you get more, "I don't like potatoes"? 

I would post this on the Invites board, but I'm being an antsy-pants about ordering my invites.

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Re: When ordering RSVP cards..

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    Mine just said chicken, fish and vegetarian, because we hadn't nailed down the actual details yet when we ordered them. Then we had an insert card (printed at kinkos) with the full detailed descriptions.

    ETA we didn't have a specific line for allergies, besides a kind of stylistic line. The insert card said "please note any dietary restrictions on your RSVP card." So far (out of 13) all we've gotten is a shellfish allergy and gluten free request.

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    We didn't leave it too basic, but didn't give them the full description, either. We put Beef Tenderloin, Duck Confit, and Mushroom Risotto rather than just Beef, Duck and Vegetarian (or Vegetarian Risotto), but didn't list the accompaniments/sauces.

    If you are going to ask about food allergies/intolerances, it's wise to word it properly. I've seen a lot of invitations that leave a section saying something like, "Please feel free to leave a note for the Bride and Groom below, including any specific food allergies." That seems to work well enough

    We had a very small wedding (36 people), so we knew all of the allergies already. However, our photographer was a close friend who had recently decided that she was going to try some diet recommended to her by a naturopath, and told me a week before that she couldn't have gluten, dairy, refined sugar, root vegetables, onion, garlic, or mushrooms. I knew for a fact that none of these were allergies, or even intolerances (I've known her for quite some time and witnessed her eat the aforementioned on many occasions without incident), and she let me know this with such short notice that I wasn't about to inconvenience the Chef with her prima donna demands. The funny part is, she ate all of the potatoes and other vegetables on her plate and the creme brûlée we had for dessert and raved about how great it all was.

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  • @pumpkinsandturkeys that is a really smart idea to make a note rather than just leaving a blank line!! Thanks!
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  • No problem! Glad I could help :)

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