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Interfaith Ceremony( jewish catholic) cincinnati area

My fiancé and I want to incorporate both our religions. I am catholic and he is jewish. Does anyone know of rabbis, priests, or deacons in the cincinnati area ? Thanks !!

Re: Interfaith Ceremony( jewish catholic) cincinnati area

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    eclare78 said:
    Hi Jayne!

    I work for the Jewish Federation in Cincinnati, and I'm attaching an ad we did last fall that has a list of all the synagogues in town with their contact info. Can't help on the Catholic end, but hopefully this will give you what you need for the Jewish side.

    Call if you have any questions or need more info and I can hook you up with the right person!

    Elizabeth Skipper
    It's unsafe and against the rules to post real names and personal contact information.  If you want to provide this to a poster, sending them a private message is more appropriate.

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