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Help??? Need advice!

Hey again October brides! I need your advice.  But first, some backstory: I'm having a somewhat destination wedding in October.  Both my FI and I are from PA, and the majority of our guests coming are from PA, and scattered everywhere.  Like 90% of the invited guests are coming from out of state.  Some of them are going to be flying, while some might be driving their personal vehicle.  I'm not sure how to work transportation for the weekend.  So we're hosting a BBQ the day before our wedding at my parent's rental house about a 1/2 hour away, then the wedding is actually 15 minutes away from the hotel.  So ideally people will either rent cars or drive their own cars.  However, how should I ask my guests what they're planning on doing? We were going to rent bigger 15 passenger vans for the weekend to take larger groups of people around, but I'm not sure if we need that/our guests would like it.  Would it be weird to include a transportation RSVP card with the invites? Should I put it on my main RSVP card? Like a check box, needs transportation/doesn't need transportation?? Also does anyone know if there are companies that offer discounts for car rental groups? (ie: I have a large group that'll be renting cars, can they do a discount like they do for hotel rooms??) This has been one of the most stressful aspects of my wedding.  I wish the hotel was closer to the venue/they offered shuttles but it's not going to happen.  We also wanted encourage people to do stuff if they'd like, since they're going to be coming all this way--might as well see New England.  A lot of folks are going to be taking advantage of columbus day on Monday, and making a long weekend out of it.  There's a bunch of stuff to do locally, and we were thinking of coordinating rides to bigger attractions, like Salem or whatnot, if people wanted to go.  How do I word this?? Should I just put it on my website???? 
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Re: Help??? Need advice!

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    Geez, that is a big question mark hanging over you, sorry for that. I don't have many answers...except did you perhaps post this on the destination weddings board, too? There might be others in similar situations on there.
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    That is a tough one.  Are you doing a hotel block?  At the rental house, is there enough parking for all your guests to drive?

    If you're only working with one hotel on your BBQ invite you could just put 'transportation will be provided, please meet in the lobby at X:XXpm to take advantage of this' and then just plan on everybody taking the provided transportation. 

    If there's enough parking at the rental property for everybody to drive themselves you could either just expect everybody to get there by themselves or find a buddy to take them or put on the reservation card/invite that there will be transportation available and to please reserve their seat.

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