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Instead of flower girls....

We are getting married on the beach of a yacht club, and they have a restriction on tossing flowers on the ground. We definetely want our two neices involved, and I thought that holding on of those banner sign things would be cute.
My initial idea was that they would go out first, to kind of signal that the wedding is starting. But, I cant think of what the banner should say. Most of the ones you can buy say "Here Comes the Bride". I like that, if they were going down the aisle right before me.
Can you guys helo me think of something it can say if they were to be the very first people down the aisle?

Thank you!

Re: Instead of flower girls....

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    Maybe a love quote or quote from your invitations if there is one? Your names and wedding date?
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    Before I even read your post I saw that picture and said 'that is so cute!'. But if u def need them to go first, I agree w above, maybe yours and fiance's name n date? Very cute either way. I wish I had two flower girls! Mine is so excited to throw flowers tho.
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    I think that sign would work even if there were a couple people before you. Or something along the lines of.... "when two become one...." "the beginning of happily ever after...."
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