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Picking your officiant at Aria....

So this may sound a little weird, but I have had the opportunity to watch a couple of weddings now on the Aria Wedding Channel amd there is a usual guy who is the officiant. Anyone know his name? I happen to really like his style, its always the same which is fine by me. I noticed another person there too though who is just too over the top for me. Previous Aria brides, is a certain officiant even something you can ask for or am I just being picky now? Thanks!

Re: Picking your officiant at Aria....

  • a13049a13049 member
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    This isn't somethig that has been discussed for me, but I imagine your coordinator would be able to answer. It may be just who is scheduled that day?
  • I didn't know about this either. I'd be interested to see if you are able to request. Let me know what you find out. 

    Also, how are you able to see other weddings? I'd love to see a few!
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  • I agree with @hmgiffor... how do you see them?
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  • There is a wedding channel for all the cashmanpro weddings on streaming. I was given the site when my friend got married in vegas last year.
    It may be a little weird to watch strangers weddings but it really helped me eliminate chapel choices..
    Actually most of the standalone chapels have them too...
  • We're getting married at the Venetian but they use Cashman for video so I was able to stalk... I mean watch ceremonies. :)  Thank GOD I did, too, because holy shitballs...a few of those ministers were TERRIBLE!  I mean, I know they're not always the greatest but one of them actually tried making stupid little jokes and couldn't remember what she was supposed to say.  She pulled out her iPad in the middle of the ceremony and was like, "Umm. Sorry... Just a minute.... Uhhhhh."  NO THANK YOU!  Obviously, that was just one and to be fair, I have seen some decent ones.  Unfortunately, I had no say over which officiant would be assigned to me (they have several at Venetian, some good and some not so great) and I didn't want to take chance with ending up with a minister that treated my wedding like a big joke. 

    I ended up hiring my own choice and so far am SO glad I did that.  Of course, it was an extra expense that I hadn't originally planned for but I'd been putting so much planning into the decor and reception, I almost forgot how important the actual ceremony is, as silly as that may sound.  I really do want this to be a personal thing and the minister I'm using has already talked with both of us and we have a skype session set up with her for later this week where we'll spend about an hour with her getting to know us better so she can add those personal touches I'm looking for to our ceremony. 

    Not saying AT ALL that there aren't good officiants at the hotel chapels.  I'm just saying that it is EXTREMELY helpful to watch those videos to see who you like and who you don't.  Some of you may absolutely be able to pick who performs your ceremony and the videos would go a long way towards helping you choose.

    Here's the link for the aria webcasting.  Just click on a bunch of dates and see if you can watch as many ceremonies as you can to get a feel for the officiants.

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  • dbacksgirldbacksgirl member
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    edited July 2014
    WTH?  My link disappeared.  Let me try again:

    Ok, it's not letting me insert a link directly for some reason.

    https:// webcasting.cashmanpro.com/ar/viewweddings.cfm
    (take out the space after the https:// and it should work)

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  • @dbacksgirl‌ I'm so glad I'm not the only one who's done that. My fiancé thinks it's weird. If you're watching aria this weekend their usual guy wasn't working which is what gave me cause for concern. I hadn't watched in awhile so I hope he hasn't moved on.
  • LOL!!  Maybe we are weird but I don't even care.  I've been watching the hell out of these things!  I guess people will do the same once mine is up there. YIKES!
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  • P.S. - My fiance can't believe all the "Say Yes To the Dress" shows I watch.  I never cared about that stuff before but now it's like porn to me.  I love watching all of them!
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  • Thanks for the link! I am totally stalking/watching now!!!! New hobby haha
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  • HAHA!!!  Welcome to our little club.  Have fun!
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  • I don't think it's weird, I even created an article a while back recommending to watch others' weddings lol:


    We found our officiant Rev Roland August via someone else's wedding at valley of the falls so we hired him to do our wedding.

    I believe most chapels do not 'employ' their officiants so you're free to bring anyone you want or choose who you want if it's someone they regularly utilize.

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  • Good to know @vegasgroom‌! I am going to email aria and ask for the guy I like!
  • Thanks for the link!  I was able to substitute bg for ar to see the weddings for bellagio!  
    We had our dream wedding in Las Vegas - 11.29.2014
  • Yay @KrisLSmiley‌ . And I think if you leave of any of those last two letters you can see all of the chapels where they do the videos
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