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Cute saying for favor?

At our reception, we are combining the toast and favors. (Due to low budget) We are getting everyone a mini Martinelli   (

What is a cute / clever saying that we could put on each bottle so people know that it is for the toast and also their favor?

Re: Cute saying for favor?

  • How is it a favor if they are supposed to consume it there? I would go with something like "Cheers to the happy couple!"
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  • What Addy said. Straight ahead, to the point, pleasant and cheerful, and clearly lets your guests know it's for the toast.
  • Yeah, that's not a favor.  There's nothing wrong with it, it's just not a favor.  If you can't afford favors don't worry about it you don't need them. 
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  • I think you are going to end up spending much more money than you need to on 2 things that you don't need: favours and special drinks for toasts. Also, if it is to consume at the party, it isn't a favour.

    Toasts: people can drink what they have in front of them. They don't need a special champagne or special drink toast.

    Favours: whilst nice, are not required. 

    So if money is the issue I would order larger bottles of martinellis (cheaper to buy in mas quantitiesand pass out glasses for the toast and/or because mini bottles of things tend to be on the expensive side of favours, I would look into chocolates, cookies, or other more budget friendly edible favours.
  • Will these even be sufficiently chilled at the point people would be drinking them that they would want to toast with it? If they've been sitting out on the tables since you decorated 4 hours ago, ew. 

    It's a cute favor if they're not expected/encouraged to drink them at the reception, although you don't need favors at all.

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