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How was the weekend? Anyone have big 4th of July plans?

Saturday I spent a gift card from Christmas and one from my birthday (last July).  Sunday was Church and yardwork and grocery.  DH tried out the French fry cutter and hamburger press he got for his bday.  Both worked pretty awesome.

We have no plans for the 4th.  The 5th is the neighborhood parade and picnic.  6let wants to walk in the parade and pass out candy.  He's excited so I will be too.

My SIL starts chemo Wed.  I'm scared for her and her family.

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    Oh and I walked into my first ever Apple store.  Since we are opting into the iPad kindergarten DH thought we should consider getting one.  We own zero apple products.
  • Weekend was nice.  Aside from getting groceries and one baseball scrimmage, we just bummed around the house.  I got all the vacation stuff put away - toiletries, laundry, suitcases, etc.

    Son's All-Stars tournament starts today with a BYE.  We play Tuesday-Sunday with the championship on Monday (if we make it).  Winning this tournament would send us to the state tournament for a week, which is 3 hours away.  We should do alright, but I really don't think we will win this tourney.

    I got a little weepy last night because we made DD2's crib into a toddler bed.  Add that to the no stroller/diaper vacation and I'm a little sad that I don't have babies anymore, and probably won't again.  I know these are all good things, and I'm super pumped about being done with diapers, but I'm blue.

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    Weekend was busy.  

    So, pretty sure the buyers walked.  They are first timers, living in mom's basement, our house was at the TOP of what they could afford, etc.  Also from what my mom was telling me, their agent kind of sucks.  From her conversations with him, he a) has taken this couple to a lot of houses and he's not going to make a lot of commission on the sale (because of the price point), b) works for a the same agency as my mom and there's a spiff for keeping the buying/selling transaction 'in-house', and c) didn't prepare them for us countering.  So he basically tried to force our house on them.  And we only countered on not paying closing costs, fully expecting them to come back and ask for us to pay SOME of their closing costs, just not all.  So we'll see.  This all went down Friday night.  We'll see what the new week brings.  

    Friday night was tense because DH was PISSED.  He didn't even want to counter.  I forget that this process is also foreign to him because he's never bought or sold a house (I had contracts signed to build this house when I met him and I've never put his name on this house...pretty much out of sheer laziness) and his parents have lived in the same house for 30+ years.  My parents have bought/sold 5-6 houses in my life.  So even though I have only bought one house, I've seen the process in action.  DH is also not a negotiator (which causes me much irritation/anger at times).  

    Saturday, I worked in the morning.  DH and FIL installed a new interior door and frame on DefConn's room (the old one had a giant hole in it from a horsing around incident).  We did some other stuff around the house and then we to a friend's house for dinner. 

    Sunday, my mom planned an open house for 1-3.  (Open house had shitty traffic, but it's a holiday week.) So we were up early getting the house ready.  We then went shopping and to my IL's.  BIL is going to back to Korea, after being on leave for almost a month, on Tuesday, so we did a little dinner/hang out to say goodbye.  

    Trying to not to feel to defeated/deflated about the house stuff.  I wish DH could get over it easier because part of my frustration is managing my reaction to his feelings. If I'm too dismissive, he gets butthurt.  He's having a hard time with the 'onward and upward' aspect.  He's coming around, but not fast enough for my impatient self.  ;) 

  • Ugh, conn.  Sorry about the buyers.  I was wondering if something happened when I saw your post on FB over the weekend.

  • IDK what we're doing for the 4th.   I guess we're supposed to go to some parade and then...???  I wan to swing by my parent's to see some family friends I don't get to see very often.  On the 5th we may head down to my friend's parent's lake house for the day to play on the water.  I need to get DefConn a new life jacket.  

    DH's annoying friend is due to make an appearance this week.  He lives in CA and is coming out here to see his son.  He's the worst houseguest ever and manipulates DH's time/attention when he's around.  I've already informed DH that he's not welcome to stay here, with the house being on the market and that DH cannot disappear know, ever just because his buddy is in town.  I'm hoping he's planning on a quick stint, but he's driving and he has a crappy marriage.  I can see him being here a month.  

    Good luck to your SIL, 6. 
  • Saturday was spent running around planning/cooking for the picnic on Sunday.  Which was not well attended, which has kind of pissed me off really.  After a sizable majority of people bitching and complaining re: not having a picnic, I only had 15 people after an RSVP count of nearly 30.  So it blew my budget (I can return some things but it's not going to make up my goal of $3 per person) and it was a lot of freaking work for only 15 people to show up.  I won't be planning another one, this can be someone else's project.

    We're going backpacking finally for the 4th.  We have our company picnic on Friday that we'll leave straight from and drive about 2 hours to the site.  I think we'll have a hike in of about 2 miles to get the campsite I'd like to have.  Then lots of exploring, visiting the cave on site and hiking more for Friday and Saturday.  I'm trying to decide how/which books to take, but I'm really looking forward to some down time and some "you can't get me on the phone" time.  Buying the last few things we need tonight (DH's backpack, dishes, camping sink, pillows) and then planning food tonight.  I'm getting excited.
  • @6fsn:  vibes for your SIL

    @tawillers:  I hear you, but having just returned from a diapers/stroller/bottles/breastpump trip, I also envy you

    @mrs.conn23:  that sucks and I'm really sorry

    Weekend was exhausting, but awesome.  Both kids had a great time at the Fernbank and the Georgia Aquarium.  We knew DD would, because that's what she wanted to do for her birthday.  But I wasn't sure if DS would just be dragged along for the ride and would rather be home banging away on his piano.  He loved it too, so I was happy.  (He kept waving his hands and pounding on things and babbling with great enthusiasm.) 

    DH's birthday is right before DD's, so we decided to take him out for sushi Saturday night.  We were staying in Buckhead, so urbanspoon turned up eleventy dozen sushi places.  We picked one, and so did not belong there:  everyone was skinny and beautiful and well-dressed, and we came dragging in with two kids after 4 hrs in the car and a few more at the museum.  I asked for a highchair and the waitress told me they didn't have any.  We were <this> close to bailing, and I'm so glad we didn't.  The kids behaved, the food was great, DD ended up eating half of one of my rolls and loving it, and we all just had a great time. 
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    My weekend was just "okay".  I spent Friday night with girl friends, watching some live music.  Then watched one of them fawn over ex, via facebook and then find him at the bar.  He was "the one that got away" but, she's dating someone currently, which means...she needs to dump current and regardless of outcome with ex because if she's contemplating something---that means current isn't worth it.

    I got to spend a bit of time with H on Friday night.  Saturday was much quieter.  H and I had lunch together and he went to work.  I then had dinner out with my parents on Saturday.  Went to a local bbq vendor thing and it was a snore, they keep changing venues and each one gets stranger than the last.  Putting it in the newly completed amphitheatre was a horrible idea.  So we stayed for about 30 minutes and then skipped to a local alehouse that had awesome food.

    Sunday was the best.  20 mile bike ride with aunt/uncle and great dinner with the family.  YAY all around.

    Now this week will be fairly quiet at work.....maybe.  It's been raining like crazy so we have a lag in work but in the mean time I'm trying to make things happen when they're not likely to. Whatever,  I can only do so much.
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    I'm finally getting to morning this afternoon :-P

    ON Saturday, I asked Buffy if she wanted to stay home or go out and do stuff...and she jumped up and down, clapped her hands, and said "I know, lets go buy flowers to plant at the cemetery".
    That's either a parenting win or fail, depending on your POV.  But we added some more plants at my grandparents' grave.

    And I think home buying is a special circle i hell.  And I will probably be sad to put away the diapers and stroller, but figuring them out on vacation is making me want to cry.

    The Mr. starts his new schedule today, so he can pick up buffy from preschool, which is nice.

    Oh, and Buffy's lovie spent Thursday night @ preschool.  whoops.  We took a special field trip there on Friday to get it.
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