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Monday Chit-Chat

SOOOO grateful that this is just a four-day week! What's everyone up to this week?

Today I'm leaving work a little early to go to my first therapy appointment. I'm a little (okay, VERY) nervous about it, but I hope it turns out to be useful. Tomorrow after work I'm meeting @Swazzle at a bar to watch the World Cup game! Nothing planned for Wed. and Thurs. and still not positive about my plans for the fourth, but it will probably involve more drinking with @Swazzle :-)

How was everyone's weekend??
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Re: Monday Chit-Chat

  • ShallowSeasShallowSeas Indianapolis, IN member
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    I am SO glad its a four day week! Have fun watching the game with @Swazzle!

    FI and I wanted to watch the game tomorrow but he will still be at work :(  By the time he gets off it will be almost over, so that sucks. I have a second interview tomorrow for a job that I interviewed for a little over a week ago.

    Our invitations went out Friday so we're hoping to start getting RSVPs back soon! :) I'm excited.

    Thursday my dad is coming into the city to visit us and he's taking us out to eat :) 

    Friday we are having a cookout with a couple friends at our apartment. Later that evening we are are going to a reservoir down the road from us to watch the fireworks over the water. I'm excited. They block off the bridge that goes over it and allow people to sit on the bridge and watch the fireworks.  They also have a band playing before and a lot of vendors out.
  • 500days500days MA member
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    Weekend was great! It was pretty productive and fun. Friday night we went out to eat with the family- good times had by all. Saturday, FI worked during the day and I cleaned, watched TV and just lounged. Saturday night we went to the drive-in. I love the drive-in, such a deal to see a double feature under the stars! We saw A Million Ways to Die in the West and 22 Jump Street. I'm proud of myself for not falling asleep during the 2nd movie! It usually starts around 11:30 and ends between 1 and 2am. 

    Sunday, we obviously slept in a little bit. I made breakfast and then we went to Lowe's for some screens for the windows. My cat managed to scratch them all up...making my house look a little ghetto. So glad we did that. We had burgers and fries for dinner and watched TV the rest of the night. 

    This week I have a few plans. I'm actually debating if I should go to the beach today...but it might be too cloudy. Tomorrow I have lunch with some teacher friends. On Wednesday, I'm going to meet with my aunts to plan my cousin's FI's bridal shower. Hoping we accomplish things and mail out the invitations. I have zero plans on Thursday and currently zero plans for the 4th....hoping that changes! I bought red, white and blue glow sticks, I need to do something!

  • So excited it is a four day week! I'm jealous of your get together with @Swazzle (sounds fun). Today I'm waiting on pins and needles to hear back from our sellers.  Inspection was this weekend and the home (in addition to a new bathroom/kitchen gut I knew about) needs about $20,000-$25,000 of structural work along with electrical work.  I'm not sure what they will come down, if anything.  Sigh.

    Congrats on getting your invites out @Severmilli12!!!

  • good morning!  I went to bed last night with my phone around 50% and it died overnight, so H and I both overslept!!  thankfully, we only slept till 6:15 (normally we're up around 5:30) so it could have been much worse.  I think I need to finally get a newer phone this summer.  :(

    good luck at your appointment, @Hummingbird125!

    tonight, H has 3 lawns to mow after work, so I'll get a good chunk of time to work out and study my PMP stuff.  I am really glad that he will be busy.  :)

    this weekend, H and I are heading to Dallas for the 4th/our anniversary.  definitely looking forward to getting away for a few days.  I took off next Monday, so I'll really be able to enjoy the weekend and then do all the unpacking/grocery shopping/laundry on Monday.  so, two short weeks in a row for me!!
  • Dignity100Dignity100 Northeastern Ohio member
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    YAY For a 4 day week!!


    Over the weekend I picked out the MOH/Bridesmaid dress - well, she picked it out.  We were between 3 but went with my favorite.  I went to my first therapy session, I don't think I'm going to click with this therapist, she's just a bit older than me and I'm not 100% sure she got everything I was saying.  Since I'm going through EAP, I'll stick with it for the 3 sessions.  Basically she asked the basic questions and then asked why I came in - I told her about my mom's anxiety issues and she basically said that it's my mom that needs to come in and that from what I was saying she felt there's a lot of good anxiety meds that my mom could benefit from.  Sunday I cleaned my kitchen (I have a counter again!) and went grocery shopping.

    This week - plan is to just survive.  Even though it's a 3 day weekend, it's not going to be a good weekend for me.  I have learned to HATE the 4th of July because everybody shooting off fireworks (my dogs hate them and get all nervous).


    Today I'm hidden under a pile of emails since it's the end of the quarter. After work today I'm going to CrossFit and then H and I have a double header softball game. I'm actually enjoying playing softball. I'm very very bad at it but I think it's exhilarating when I hit the ball and I get to run to the base lol. My heart starts beating so fast LOL!

    I've always watched baseball on tv and H and I love the Braves but I've only ever played one season of softball in my life sooo this is awesome for me lol.
  • blabla89blabla89 Atlanta member
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    @Hummingbird125 hope your appointment goes well!

    @southernpeach89 softball sounds like so much fun!

    This weekend was uneventful. FI is starting a new contract job, so we spent Saturday night looking through his options for insurance. He said he would cook whatever I wanted for dinner in exchange for coming over to help him, so I requested St. Louis style toasted ravioli. FI was a little confused to find out that the "toasted" ravioli is actually fried, but it turned out great. It was like a little taste of home.

    I am SO glad it's a short week because last week kicked my ass. We probably won't do anything special for the 4th, because FI has to work on Saturday and Sunday. He accepted a new job and put in his notice last week, but they're loading him down with stuff up until his last day. We thought about going up to Athens with some friends, but I'm afraid of being out on the road on because I got hit by a drunk driver a couple years ago on the 4th.

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  • Four day week!!!!  YES!

    My weekend was boring, in a really good way.  Friday night, DH and I ordered in, snuggled, and watched tv.  Saturday, we went out to breakfast at a new place that we loved.  Then we dusted and deep cleaned the bedroom, vacuumed, cleaned the kitchen, de-haired the sofas (our cats shed like beasts), and washed, dried, and put away 5 loads of laundry.  It felt good to be so productive.  Then Saturday night, we went to a casino in Michigan with my brother.  I lost because I'm really unlucky in casinos.  Jeremy won some money playing craps.  My brother lost epicly and narrowly missed a $910,000 jackpot on a slot machine.  It was super fun though.

    Yesterday, DH and I watched the Netherlands game in the World Cup.  Then we went to Sam's Club and bought a bunch of stuff for the house and food.  Then we cooked dinner, snuggled, watched tv, and I did a little work while DH watched Finding Bigfoot.

    All in all, a very relaxing weekend.
  • blabla89blabla89 Atlanta member
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    @Peaseblossom55 welcome back! What was your favorite part about Belize? AW some pictures for us??
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  • @Blabla89 pics are on my home computer I'll try to upload some tonight. 

    The first five days we were on an island off the coast so we relaxed a lot, a lot of drinks by the pool, we did an awesome snorkeling excursion and I tried Stand up paddling for the first time. It was so hard but I blame the wind.

    The next five days we were in the interior, we saw 2 different mayan ruin sites, did some cave tubing, and zip lining. The best thing we did by far was the cave exploring, we walked swam and climbed our way through these caves in the jungle,at one point we took off our shoes, climbed some more & then saw some Mayan ruins, skulls, pottery, full skeletons.  It was amazing. We had these hard hats on with light so we could see and on our way out the tour guide instructed the group to hold hand and shut off our lights and walked through the cave in the complete darkness.  The food was great, the people were so helpful and friendly.  It was worth every penny!


    [Deleted User]minskat30
  • Blackbird230Blackbird230 Connecticut member
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    So happy it's a 4-day week. 

    I got trampled by a horse on Saturday. (Not the horse's fault. Just a wrong place, wrong time.) Luckily, I didn't get seriously hurt. Just very bruised, especially my butt and hip where I fell on a rock. The electric fence I fell into wasn't really electrified so I'm ok.

    Sunday FI and I attended our friends' vow renewal at the lake. Everything went well except that we had helped transport some of the stuff there via FI's dad's truck and the friend running the event wouldn't let us leave until HE was ready. Like he wouldn't help load up the truck to get the stuff back home. 

    I'm just grumbly and not awake right now. 

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  • KeptInStitchesKeptInStitches the Northern Plains member
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    Four day work week, thank christ. This whole weekend was pretty lousy.

    Friday of course I got told that the last two months of my work were completely invalidated by the fact that ... my reactor didn't react shit. In fact, I wish I had been feeding shit. There'd be some sort of fun joke about it then. Instead what I have is funding disappearing, no results, and right now it looks like my PhD is tanked. I'm meeting with my adviser today to go over the next steps. If any.

    Friday night was gaming, and we got to play Betrayal at the House on the HIll. A rousing session of kill-your-friends is therapeutic.

    Saturday FI's grandparents came up to see the house. They gave us some wedding information, mostly addresses, and offered to make a small contribution to the expenses, which was nice of them. Saturday night FI went off for gaming and I got to watch musicals and knit. The knitting is done on my garter, and I knocked out some more of a baby blanket for the craft show. Every little bit.

    Yesterday FI and I put posters into frames. We moved in with our "fine" college artwork, might as well display it. Then FI's cat beat mine up again and chased her all over the house, so I don't know what we're going to do with introductions between them. Mine isn't getting any better and his is actually regressing. I'm seriously bummed out.

    And today I have to run the reactor I strongly suspect isn't working so I can continue to prove it isn't working ... fuck all the ducks.
  • Happy Monday everyone! I'm so glad it's a short work-week.

    Friday I was at work which was super-stressful. After work I caught up on my DVR and then met up with an old CW for drinks. We had fun and when we left the town the restaurant was in they were doing their fireworks! It was very pretty!

    Saturday FI and I took our furbabies to the vet. Buddy for his annual and Quigley for a chest XRay to monitor his heart murmur. Buddy has been losing weight recently and has been having allergy/sinus issues which is normal for him this time of year, but not this bad. He usually will eat a little bit of food since he can't smell anything but will hound us if he smells chicken, tuna, etc. So the vet takes a look at him and is concerned about the weight loss, he's lost 3lbs in a year and I fear that most of it has been within the past month and a half. We decided to do a full blood panel, urinalysis and fecal exam for him. I'm currently awaiting the results.

    While they were back there getting all his bloodwork, etc they gave him some sucutaneous (sp?) fluids and trimmed his nails. The vet comes back and thinks that Buddy is a lot older than anyone has predicted. She's thinking he's 10-12 years old. It's crazy but if the results come back that there's something terminal, I'm prepared that he's an old cat and I gave him the best of everything. It's just really hard right now because Buddy was around before FI and we've been through a lot together. He was always the constant thing in my life for the past six years. I'm just hoping and hoping and hoping that he has some sort of nasal infection or bacteria and we can just give him some antibiotics and call it a day. I'm waiting by the phone like a freak right now.

    Quigley on the other hand, his chest xray is fine and the vet reccomended that we do an ultrasound at his annual just to really see how his heart is working and to pin-point a diagnosis. She said as long as he's active then not to worry.

    While FI was paying the bill for the vet, I was in the car and I called my mom because I was upset. I told her what was going on with Buddy and I burst into tears. She tells me to stop crying. I HATE when she does that. Like, to her, showing emotions is not okay. I don't even want to see her this weekend.

    ANYWAY, on to good news. We took Quigley to a puppy day care center near our house for an assesment and he passed!!! So now if we want to do a day trip or overnight trip somewhere we can leave him there and know he's in good hands. There's even an app with a webcam that you can see the doggy day care place.

    Also, my neighbors are moving and gave us an outdoor dining set which was amazing, I'm so happy, we've used it all weekend.

    FI's BM and my BM came over with Best Man's kids used the pool and the adults hung out and chatted. We set off fireworks later and Quigley was so pooped from his adventures of the day that he slept on my lap and snored during fireworks.

    Sunday we ran to the pool store for a part, and hung out in the pool and I spent some time with Buddy (I may have cooked, shredded and fed him a whole chicken breast which he ate, don't tell my vet).

    Even though things were stressful this weekend (and life in general lately) I have to look forward to all the good things that are around me too.

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  • KeptInStitchesKeptInStitches the Northern Plains member
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    @buddysmom80, healthy vibes for Buddy!
  • @buddysmom80 I'm so sorry I hope Buddy is ok, sending vibes your way.

    I think we may have the same mother, I cry and get emotional very quickly, and when ever I do in front of my mom her first response is to yell at me to stop crying. I hate that she finds emotions and people being upset, a reason to yell at someone....


  • @buddysmom80 -Lots of vibes and prayers for Buddy! I'm so sorry he isn't feeling well.
  • Blackbird230Blackbird230 Connecticut member
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    @buddysmom80, I really hope Buddy's ok! Sending vibes. <3

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  • Dignity100Dignity100 Northeastern Ohio member
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    I added to my signature file, just because it always makes me giggle to see the stormtrooper on the right hit his head.

    [Deleted User]CLoGreenEyes
  • Hummingbird125Hummingbird125 New York member
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    @Buddysmom80 - All the vibes for buddy! I hope you get good news soon. FWIW, when I was younger my oldest cat had starting losing a bunch of hair, and basically stopped moving around. He was pretty old and we brought him to the vet fully expecting that he was nearing the end of his days, and might need to be put down. They ran a bunch of tests but didn't find anything abnormal, and eventually realized that he had just gotton too fat to groom himself and to comfortably walk around. So, he went on a serious diet and seemed 5 years younger in a matter of months. Just saying - it COULD turn out to be not a big deal!!
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  • I came home from the hospital on Saturday! <--highlight of my week by far

    I'm still sore so I'm having trouble walking and omg riding in a car is like TORTURE so I'm not sure I'm ever going to be able to return to my current retail job in this state (I'm going to talk to my doctor at followup #1 today about a tentative timeline for that as my boss did ask, but at this point in time, standing for 6-8 hours on end sounds horrendous.)

    My mom came to help take care of me while H is at work, though, so at least I have some company.  And she doesn't mind my hairy legs, because well I can't bend down to shave them...she did offer to shave them, though, so she is obviously the best mom in the world.

    So yea, this week is a bunch of followup appointments.  I want to go to a July 4th concert and then fireworks but I will play it by ear based on whether I can walk yet (it's on the beach, so I need to at least be able to walk on a non-sand surface!)

    In fantastic news, we had pizza for lunch yesterday which means I can have leftover pizza for lunch today.
    I guess, to tell you the truth, I've never had much of a desire to grow facial hair. I think I've managed to play quarterback just fine without a mustache. - Peyton
  • H and I had a WONDERFUL and very much needed long weekend away. Thursday morning we took off for a road trip to Santa Fe, NM. We stayed at a B&B right downtown by the plaza (actually a sister in of the place we were married). The inn was beautiful and only a 5 minute walk to the shops, galleries, museums and concerts. We enjoyed everything the area had to offer, had some wonderful margaritas and local brews and really just RELAXED. Wish I had some pics to share...but they're all on H's phone.
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    @Blue -I'm so glad to hear that you were able to come home from the hospital! Your mom is the best! I wouldn't trust my mom shaving my legs lol. She would hack them up!

    I hope you heal fast!
  • @southernpeach89 DON'T TELL ME THAT - she hasn't shaved them yet! lol.  She cut H's hair on Saturday after we got back from the hospital so she can't be that bad at shaving my legs...right?  Right.

    I hope I heal fast too because wearing pajamas all day is kinda weird.
    I guess, to tell you the truth, I've never had much of a desire to grow facial hair. I think I've managed to play quarterback just fine without a mustache. - Peyton
    [Deleted User]
  • Ollie08Ollie08 Central FL member
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    @Blue I'm so glad that you're home! And it does sound like you have the best mom in the world. I hope you start recovering soon. :::HUGS:::

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  • bethsmilesbethsmiles Denver, CO member
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    This weekend was not especially exciting but BF didn't have to work as long as he thought he would on Sunday so we did get to go to a friend's party to celebrate her getting ordained which was fun.

    My work week is going to be a short one this week! It's my birthday on Thursday and since BF can get the day off, I'm also taking the day off (I'm coming in extra hours earlier this week) and we are going to spend the day together! He does have an interview for a lab position early in the day but after that we're going to the botanic gardens, going to play mini-golf (I have a weird love for mini-golf), and having seafood for dinner because it's my favorite. We also might go to some fireworks in Denver with some friends that evening. For some reason a bunch of places in Colorado are doing their fireworks on the 3rd.

    ETA: @Buddysmom80 - I hope you get good furbaby news! Also, I can totally relate to your mom saying to stop crying. My mom always asks "why are you crying?" in this super judgey, superior way and it's infuriating. 

  • @Buddysmom80 - All the good vibes for Buddy coming your way!
  • GoldenPenguinGoldenPenguin Upstate NY mod
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    I had a fairly uneventful weekend. Friday I relaxed & went to bed early - I had a work convention all week (which is why I was MIA), and I was TIRED.

    Saturday, FI & I went to a BBQ at our friend's house - where I proceeded to eat ALL THE THINGS. I really need to get back on track. It was fun though - Violet got to play with our friend's dogs, and was exhausted when we got home. 

    It was so different though - we used to have some EPIC parties at that house, but now we're all grown up, and everyone is married/engaged/has kids/etc, so the get togethers now are so much tamer than they used to be! 

    Yesterday, FI & I just hung out, cleaned the apartment (our kitchen was a disaster), and did some laundry. We watched both World Cup games, and then the Red Sox/Yankee game later on. We had homemade pizza for dinner, and got lots of puppy & kitty snuggles from Vi & Brady.

    ETA: This weekend, we're heading up to Maine for the Fourth! On Saturday, my mom & sister & I are going to go shopping - I'll try on my dress for them to see in person, and my mom wants to look for a MOB dress. :)


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  • @Blue & White are you ok? I guess I missed what happened and how you wound up in the hospita.  I hope all is ok!


  • 500days500days MA member
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    @Blue & White- I hope you are feeling better soon! Especially for the 4th! Ugh, bummer in the summer just happened to me. I ended up deciding to go to the on the highway for 5 miles and my car starts accelerating like crazy. I force the car into the breakdown lane and have to shift into neutral since the car wouldn't stop on its own. I'm thinking it's a transmission mad!!! AAA came and towed the car, and here I am at home for the next 2 days at least :-(

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