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I recently attended a wedding that I wanted to share with TK. It wasn’t a bad wedding really, but I wanted to share it because it was disorganized and somewhat inconvenient for the guests. I thought it would provide some food for thought for those brides/grooms still in the planning stages.

First, the timeline was misleading. The invitation and the wedding website said the ceremony would be at 5PM. FI and I got to the venue about a half hour early since I had googled it and saw that there were numerous places where the ceremony could be held. When we arrived, the coordinator told us that they were having cocktails before the ceremony. They would start serving at 5:15 and they would start moving everyone to the ceremony space around 5:45 for a 6PM start time.

Well, we didn’t even start heading to the ceremony until 6. Everyone was seated by 6:15 and we waited another 20 minutes in bright June sunshine for the ceremony to start. After the ceremony (which was really very lovely) we were moved up to the reception space shortly after 7. The bar was opened and we waited about forty five minutes without food for the couple to join us and then open the buffet (According to their website, the reception was supposed to start at 6:45).

If you’re going to all the trouble to set up a website and put information on it, make sure that it’s accurate! FI is in grad school and he left class 2 hours early so we could make sure we were on time for the ceremony. We were happy to do that, but if we had known that the ceremony was an hour later he could have stayed for almost the entire class.

Also, everything was outdoors and there was a lot of walking involved and that was never alluded to in any way prior to the wedding. There were a lot of female guests in heels sinking into the ground and some elderly guests that were having trouble with all the walking in the heat.

The ceremony itself was very nice, the food was great and the dancing was fun. But it could have been so much better if it was better organized and the guests had been better informed. And most importantly, I didn't get wedding cake until almost 10PM!

So knotties, what things make you say "The wedding was nice, but..."?
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