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Post reception destination close to Maggiano's


Hoping for some advice on where to go with the people who want to keep going after the reception ends at 11:00. We don't want to go somewhere with a big cover charge. Looking for somewhere non-exclusive that will be like "hey, great a wedding party is here". I've heard some good things about The Bourbon Room. 

Thanks :)

Re: Post reception destination close to Maggiano's

  • I'm also looking for ideas for a place like this! Not for the wedding night, but maybe after a meet and greet.
  • Maybe2014, I'm also looking for the exact same thing, except we finish our reception at 10. At the moment I've looked at Kahunaville, Gilley's Senor Frogs (all at Treasure Island), Revolution at Mirage (but it's closed on Weds) and Carnaval Court.
    I want a party bar that plays fun music and is just quite laid back so I think we are looking for the same thing!
    When is your wedding?
  • NicolaJane81: Oct 25. Have you had any luck with those places you mentioned? When is your wedding?
  • Mine is Oct 8 so close to yours! Not done any formal approaches yet as we're still discussing details and waiting on final numbers really! But that's the main thing I really want to get sorted next
  • Bourbon Room is a blast if you like being the center of attention.  If you go in wearing your wedding dress the MC is going to put the spotlight on you!  We went there after our bachelor/ette parties and the MC came up, brought the girls on stage, let us dance, gave us shots.  He also invited us to come back after our wedding, but we never did.  I loved it!  Everyone there was congratulating us, buying us drinks, telling us about their weddings and how long they have been married.  As long as you and your FI don't mind the attention, it's a fun place, no cover, dancing, good bar, fun music and everyone will welcome a wedding party!  

    Gilly's would be fun, if you like country music and it's huge.  Gilly's does have a cover some night, so I would contact someone to see if they can get you a deal or anything.

    Khaunaville is fun, but gets crowded quick because of all the tables.  

    Encore has a fun piano bar/lounge.

    We did Revolution, they also have a cover some nights.  We got married at Mirage so our wedding coordinator put me on the list.  

    Good luck!  
    We had our dream wedding at Mirage on May 3, 2014! 
  • Any of these places within a short walk of aria?! If love this vibe rather than a club but haven't seen anything like this in walking of aria.
  • Hey ladies,

    I used Kahunaville for after our wedding reception at Maggiano's. Kara (the girl in charge of groups) was great to work with. They set aside about 4 big tables at the back for us (no charge, no minimum required) that were ready to go at 9. It was pretty quiet when we got there but it definitely picked up later. Our wedding was on a Saturday which is their "Latin night" so there was a lot of salsa music and upbeat dance music playing. It was a great experience and nice to have a home base where people could go out in the casino for a bit or sit in the bar at the table, or go dance on the dance floor. The dance floor was a touch crowded but I'm not much of a dancer so that didn't bother me. I just liked that I could set aside a few tables for our group without having to agree to a minimum.

    I think I could have booked more tables (I booked 4 for my whole group of 52 guests) but I was pretty sure that not everyone would come to the bar after Maggiano's and I was right. We only ended up using all 4 tables for an hour or so (a couple people standing) and then slowly the group got smaller as people branched off to do their own thing (or go to bed after our open bar at maggiano's and free beer on our bus to the valley of fire!).

    I had also looked into Senior Frog's but dealing with the group guy there was a headache and a half (he was SO slow at replying) so I gave up on them. I did call Kara to speak with her directly about the reservation at Kahunaville, but that was after she replied pretty quickly to my initial inquiry.

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  • Thanks for all the advice ladies! Kahunaville and Bourbon room sound really fun!
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