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Cake and Punch Wedding/Reception?

Hello! I am getting married 11/1! My FI and I are having to pay for everything ourselves. Due to life obstacles, our wedding budget was cut down more than half of what it was. I have a few tables, but can't afford tables for everyone. This is the last big expense that I have. I already have everything else bought or obtained. It will be a very simple and rustic ceremony in a backyard with no bridal party except my daughter and niece and nephews to walk down before us. We are only serving coffee, punch and cake, no meal. 

Any thoughts on how to present the reception as a stand up/mingle type reception? Any ideas on how to word that on the invitation?


Re: Cake and Punch Wedding/Reception?

  • I know this isn't what you want to hear, but there really isn't any polite way to not have a seat for every guest. Even for punch and cake, guests really should have a place to set it down and relax. Is there any way you could borrow tables from somewhere? How many guests without a table would there be? Is it too late to cut the guest list (if save-the dates or invites have been sent then it's too late to do so politely)?
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  • There will be about 100 guests. I think from all the conversations I've heard, I'm just going to have to find a way to get them. Thank you for kindly confirming what I was dreading. ha!
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