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Barn-style wedding in New Jersey-NEED A LOCATION!

Hello all,

My name is Stephanie and I am recently engaged. My fiance and I are on the younger side (22 and 25) and we dont have a lot of money to burn of an expensive wedding so we're going to DIY route. We have family and friends that are pretty much willing to help us make, run, cook, design, and put together everything for the big day. My dilemma now is: I want the classiest wedding-in-a-barn possible, but I have no barn to put it in.

The specs:

~175+ guests
~Needs to be in NJ, NY, or PA (I live in New Brunswick NJ and my fiance live sin Princeton)
~needs to allow me to use my own caterer
~would be amazing if I could buy my own alcohol and use my own servers for my own open bar.

I am desperate, and praying someone can direct me to a barn you have used, heard about, or read about that might allow (most of) my specs. 

Thank you in advance!!!


Stephanie (The future Mrs. Bond)

Re: Barn-style wedding in New Jersey-NEED A LOCATION!

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