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Guest Transportation

Hello everyone!


I am still trying to figure out our transportation for our wedding and was hoping you could help out! We are having our wedding at the Flamingo and then heading over the Maggiano's after a couple of stops for photo's with our guests. The issue that I am having is the transportation back to the Flamingo later on in the evening. I don't want our guests to have to make their way back without an option from us (I just keep picturing lots of cabs and confusion!), but renting a bus that holds 45 people for the entire night for a back and forth seems excessive... is there a better way to do this that someone else has done? The majority, if not all, of our guests will be staying at the Flamingo.

We had originially planned on the double decker bus, but their prices went up quite a bit for two hours so we have been looking at LD Tours (which is less money for a three hour minimum).

Any suggestions are greatly appreciated!

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Re: Guest Transportation

  • We used a 29 person shuttle from belltrans. He made 2 trips, while me and my parents and family stayed and chatted and the driver took our guests back to the hotel. He was able to do that in the hour that we reserved the shuttle.

  • You can get a bus "one way" each way, instead of round trip and it doesn't sit and wait for you. Most will automatically give you a round trip price, just ask for 2 one ways. 

    We had 50 people and we used AWG Ambassador, they sent us 2 smaller shuttles to hold everyone (to avoid the 5 hr min on a coach). We were off strip so my prices quoted were way more then you will pay. 
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  • I used LD Tours and was happy with the bus and their service.
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