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Cute or Cheesy for a TY card?

I'm usually not the type to copy Pinterest trends, but I think this is kind of cute. I was thinking of doing a picture with a Thank You banner to use as the cover of thank you cards, and then handwrite a personal thank you note on the inside. I would obviously make sure I got them out in a timely manner. Is this cute or cheesy and overdone?

Re: Cute or Cheesy for a TY card?

  • Both cute and cheesy. If it fits your personality I would do it (if you get that one picture back in a timely manner).
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  • Yeah, it's on Pintest a lot, but I personally think it's a really cute pic....I'd probably use it (as long as I got it back quickly!).

  • SBminiSBmini member
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    Cute! My only concerns would be turn around. How soon will you get the photos back from your photographer, then what is the turn around for printing? It would be awful if you receive your thank you cards after your appropriate response window has expired. I had a hard enough time getting mine out in a timely manner as it was!
  • My photographer has been really great so far, so I think she would be able to give it to me very quickly. Then hopefully the cards could be printed quickly, too. We don't have many personal touches at our wedding because I haven't been that creative and definitely haven't been into DIY, so I think it would be a nice touch. I can allow myself one cheesy thing :)
  • Yeah, it's done alot, but I still think it's cute. Our photographer had digital prints within 2 weeks to us. Ask yours for just the "thank you" photos and see if he/she can send to you within a few days of your wedding.
  • I bought that banner off etsy and forgot to take a pic using it! I think it's cute. If you happen to want that in pink and black let me know.
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  • its the kind of cheesy that I enjoy - so I wouldn't mind receiving this thank you card
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  • I honestly don't mind this a bit. You two are adorable. And no matter how hard we try, something in our wedding planning will be "sooooo 2014." Because it is 2014. So yes, send it! I wouldn't roll my eyes, and I'm a champion eye roller. It's sweet. Not über cheesy at all.
  • It's cute. You should do it.
  • ElcaBElcaB member
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    I like it, as long as you follow through with a personal note on the back. I received this from a couple once without anything written on it and wanted to light it on fire because RAGE!
  • I think it's cute. 
  • Cute, but I'd also worry about timeliness. Our photographer turned our engagement photos around quickly and told us that she can send us a couple of photos from the wedding within 24 hours if we're specific about what we're looking for. Unfortunately, when we've printed things with images, places like Vistaprint have taken 2 weeks to prepare the item for shipping.
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