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Videography? Worth it?

I'm so torn if we should have videography for our wedding. We don't really have the extra funds for one, but wanted to see what you all thought. Did you have one? Was it worth it? A waste of money?

Re: Videography? Worth it?

  • Nope, we didn't have one. We put a ton of money toward a great photographer because photos were our top spending priority. But we don't really care about video, and I hate being on camera. We have no regrets.
  • I couldn't afford it. I found out a friend wanted to record the ceremony on her phone, so I suggested she use my digital camera instead. It's not awesome quality, but I'm happy that I have it. I am also happy that I didn't pay thousands of dollars for it. I like video, because it want to be able to go back and listen again to what the minister said while we were getting married.
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    We weren't going to have a video for budget reasons as well. Through an acquaintance I came across someone who does it on the side "for fun". Didn't even have a contract set up (I requested he create one for both of our sake's).

    He gave me a great deal under $500 and I am in love with my video. He gave me a 10 minute version I have watched a million times and a 30 minute one that captures a little bit more. Knowing how much I love my video I would have paid more for it in a heart beat!

    ETA - You don't even notice good videographer, the thought of being filmed made me a little uncomfortable... but I never even noticed him and so many of my guests were shocked I had a video as no one noticed the videogrpaher!

  • For ones that did have it, did you do just your ceremony or reception too? 
  • I have a couple videos people recorded on their cell phones. I am happy to have those videos. I am happy that we didn't drop 2 - 3 k on videography.

    In hindsight, I'd have set someone up with a tripod.

  • I'm glad we had ours, especially so we could get our priest's sermon recorded. BUT, we were able to negotiate a good deal with a vendor.
  • I personally didn't see spending the extra money on a videographer - and I have 0 regrets.
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  • We didn't have one and have no regrets.  We had 2 photographers for our 40-ish guest wedding and the photo coverage was phenomenal.  Going through the full set of photos is like reliving the day.

    One of our guests recorded our ceremony with her camcorder as a surprise gift.  We haven't watched it because we're just not at all interested in watching ourselves.  We did send her a lovely thank you note, though. 
  • If you do have one, have someone who knows what they are doing, professional or a willing friend.

    My friend's wedding had a friend do it, and  he got only a snippet of the ceremony, and the entire receiving line. Boring.

    He got no video of the groom at all at the reception, and about 5 straight minutes of some fat people dancing, who the bride didn't know.

  • Get the video! We had a video, available for viewing during our honeymoon. We loved it! We had loved ones recording and can mix those for different shots. It was so much fun for us.
  • We used Flip a hit and it was definitely worth $400. People had so much fun taking silly videos at the reception! The video reel they sent us afterward was okay, so I took all the raw footage and made my own in Windows Movie Maker. Definitely happy we have a video, I've watched it a million times!
  • If you can, try to get some quality video that doesn't come from a cell phone. DH's cousin was nice enough to video our ceremony & put it on youtube. It wasn't the best ever, but it's clear and we can hear what was said. The cell videos were poor quality and you couldn't hear a thing. We didn't have a few k to spend on an awesome movie music video. I do have regrets that we don't have our first dance and speeches done, but it just wasn't in our budget to hire a pro. 
  • We had a friend who went to school for it do it for our wedding gift.  We're dying to see it.  His wife watched it while he was putting it together and she said it made her cry all over again (she was there) so we are looking forward to it.  Had another friend use his GoPro to do the whole ceremony... verdict is out but I'll check back in when we get them.  We've already had people ask to come over and see them (family with a trip scheduled before the wedding that really wanted to be there).
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  • It is the one real regret that I have; not having anyone take video. I do have one that my brother-in-law took of his daughter (my flower girl) who was perfect! I've watched it over and over. 
    I say at least have someone take video of your ceremony....I really wish that I had now...
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    It is the one real regret that I have; not having anyone take video. I do have one that my brother-in-law took of his daughter (my flower girl) who was perfect! I've watched it over and over. 
    I say at least have someone take video of your ceremony....I really wish that I had now...
    Thanks for posting this. We made a rash, last minute decision last week to add a videographer to our photo package. I was so torn over it because it seems soooo expensive and we were already at our budget. But it just kept nagging me over the past few months... I'd kill to have a video of my parents' wedding! I just keep telling myself... 5 years from now you'll regret not having a video, you won't regret not having your $XXXX.
  • Just had our wedding this past Sunday I do wish I would have assigned someone to take videos of the wedding I think it's better to spend your money on a photography and have a friend do some short clips with a video camera
  • Yes, if you're spending thousands of dollars and pouring months of planning into what will hopefully be the happiest day of your life then you're going to want to relive your wedding day and share it again and again. Yes, they can be pricy but with a little bit of research you could find a great gem that will serve to be priceless for years to come. Take it from me, a real bride who almost skipped hiring a videographer and now is forever grateful I didn't.
  • We used Wedit, which I think would have been a good idea, but do to several disasters the day before and morning of the wedding, we completely forgot to pass them out. We do have SOME video from after the ceremony, but not much. 

    I thought having a videographer was unnecessary but now in hind sight I wish we would have had one. Some of the guests took video too so I'm going to try to edit that together with the Wedit stuff, but it's not great quality and I don't think anyone got a video of the ceremony. 

    Major bummer.
  • We aren't getting one just because it's not in the budget unfortunately. My FI and I both work in TV/Video so video is definitely important to us, but we know we can edit our own wedding video as long as stuff gets captured. Between my camcorder, flip cam, Go Pro, my dad's camcorder and some of my bridesmaid's GoPros/flip cams, we are pretty confident we will get stuff covered! We'll have a camcorder on a tripod in the back of the church and assign one of my sister's husbands to press record before the processional. We'll also have them assigned to a table close to the dance floor and sweetheart table so they can film the first dance and toasts.  Not ideal, but cheaper for sure! If I could find a videographer for $500ish I'd probably spring for it, but everything I've seen is $1500 and up. 

  • I think it was worth it. When you are in the moment there are so many things and people that you miss and it's nice to look back and have those memories.
  • I was on a budget and decided I would rather pour more money into having good photos than adding on a videographer.

    Unfortunately, right before the wedding we found out my elderly grandmother wasn't going to be able to make the trip so my cousin called and asked if it was OK to film the ceremony for her. I agreed as long as they stayed in the back and allowed the photographer to do his job, which he did with absolutely no problem. Somehow throughout the night my cousin decided to keep filming and create a wedding video as a gift to the groom and I, so he shot a lot more footage.

    The video we got was definitely amateur in quality, but it was a lot of fun for us. Because it was a family member shooting people were really open about responding to the camera and letting him get close for shots which made for some really fun footage. Even though it obviously wasn't made by a pro, I absolutely love my video.

    If you have a friend or relative who's willing to man the camera this can be a great alternative if you're not concerned about getting professional results. You just need to make sure that the person you pick will take their role seriously so they don't interrupt the vendors you are paying or are rude to your guests.
  • I originally didn't want one but my DH forced it  and promised me I wouldn't regret it. Let me tell you I am SOOO happy he pushed for it because once we arrived back from our honeymoon I felt like I wasn't present at my own wedding. We received all the raw footage and sat down one night and just watched it all. I realized how absent I really was!! I honestly think the video was my favorite additional expense out of everything. I can relive that day whenever I want to!! DO IT you too won't regret it I promise :).
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