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Pittsburgh Area DJ's-HELP!

I am looking for a DJ for my September 2015 wedding. I am very anti the typical disco, chicken dance, synchronized dance type of wedding. I will also not be doing a bouquet toss or garter toss.

I love a few of the classics like Twist and Shout and Old Time Rock N Roll, but I want a DJ who is going to flow today's music with GOOD older music, not an hour of each because of "the older people here and we have to think of them." i also want someone who will play our style of music during the dinner hour, which is definitely  a more contemporary modern with a few classics (think DMB, The Head and the Heart, Van Morrison and The Beatles). Lastlly, I want someone who will be an effective DJ at getting things done (like announcements) but who will NOT be a showboat!

Am taking suggestions/thoughts/reviews PLEASEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!


I know, it sounds like a lot, but I'm nervous at finding the right guy/girl to do the job! Any thoughts?!

Re: Pittsburgh Area DJ's-HELP!

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    You will be able to get answers to this on the Pittsburgh board. Your local board is listed in a blue bar above the other boards when looking at community. If you have a budget you are looking at for the DJ that may also help with responses.
  • I just PMd you about a DJ I'm using for my wedding - I'm from Pittsburgh!
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