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Gifts for parents and other relatives

So I have a big tight family of women which include my mother, sister, grandmother, 2 aunts, and lots of cousins. My aunts, sister, and grandmother have all been wonderful and helped me out with the wedding. My sister and aunt helped me with my dress, the other aunt bought favors, and my grandmother helped me out with the photographer and those extra church guests she invited lol. The thing is, I don't know what gifts to get them that would compare to their generosity and without pulling from the reception savings. My parents are unemployed, so they haven't helped money wise, but my mother was always supportive and willing to run a wedding errand for me as I live in a different state. I want to get them spa gifts since I know that all like things of that nature, but is that enough? I figured out my dads, but I'm at a loss with the women in my life. Am I overthinking?

Re: Gifts for parents and other relatives

  • Honestly, I just don't get buying presents for everyone under the sun.  Why has it become custom that giving a gift is the only way to show your gratitude?  I have found that a sincere thank you, a hug and a heartfelt note goes a long way, even more so then a physical gift can.

  • Ditto Maggie. Your family members have contributed because they want to help you out. I doubt they'd want you to use part of your wedding funds to buy them gifts. Write them thank you notes. Take a picture of you and your new husband with them at the wedding and give them a framed copy. Or give them corsages.
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