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Yellow Bridesmaid Dresses - help!

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Hi everyone,

I went shopping for the first time with my bridesmaids, and I really feel like I would benefit from a little advice/guidance!

We're getting married in May in Punta Cana, so it'll definitely be hot, and our wedding is going to be in the garden gazebo (I didn't want to be too typical with a beach wedding just because it's Destination).  The only thing that I'm really set on is that the girls will wear a light yellow, but I'm struggling to find nice dresses that any of us really love.  I'm open to all patterns, lengths, etc. I've been to 2 other weddings so far this year and each time the girls were wearing long chiffon dresses, so I'm hoping for something a little, DIFFERENT but still elegant.  I'm drawn to lace, but many designers don't have yellow, or it's more of a mustard colour.

Any suggestions?  I'm definitely overwhelmed!

Re: Yellow Bridesmaid Dresses - help!

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