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Accountability to get in shape

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Who has had good experience getting into really good shape? If so what have you done?

Re: Accountability to get in shape

  • I would Love to do this. My only problem is I don't have the money to spend on these programs. I would definitely join the group tho :-)
  • I hear you on the price but its MUCH cheaper then a gym membership and they actually guarantee results---if it doesn't work for you , they will give you a 100% refund no questions asked--that's what finally made me give them a try..I figured there wasn't anything to loose..other then some weight LOL.  and I am totally addicted to T25 now. 
  • You can't advertise yourself or anything that your selling.  Technically that makes you a vendor and its against TOS rules.  I too am a BB Coach and I would never advertise myself on here because I know its not allowed.

    @KnotPorscha please take care of this.

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  • Oh I didn't realize.. I'll take it down.... No need to get crazy about it
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