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Honeymoon help!!!

We still have not booked our honeymoon yet! We want to go the Caribbean and to stay away from the hurricane belt! Also we want to stay on a budget like under 3,500 for both of us. We were thinking Aruba, Curacao, St. Lucia, and Jamaica. The Sandals resorts are really nice but very pricey but it includes everything and I may want to splurge a little more for it. Has anyone been to a Sandals resort? 

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  • @krisclint05 Welcome to the same dilemma we had! Its okay I'll try and help. We are staying at a Sandals in St Lucia. 

    We wanted to stay below the hurricane belt too. Jamacia kind of falls in the hurricane belt but not really. St. Lucia is just on the border of the hurricane belt. Aruba is not in the belt at all. 

    I wanted to do Aruba but airfare is outrageous to that island. We settled on St Lucia for 8 days with a direct flight out of JFK in NYC for just about 4,000. Your budget is very doable. 

    We have never been to sandals but we booked our honeymoon at one.

     We are going to St. Lucia Halcyone Sandals. There are 3 Sandals in St Lucia all within 15 minutes of each other. We chose to stay at Halcyone. Its smaller and quieter. Population is generally older people. My fiancé and I are young (he's 28 and I'm 25) but we are quiet people and just want to relax and stuff. Halcyon is also the oldest one on the island so it is a bit more rundown than the others, but its a whole lot cheaper. We're talking a few hundred dollars a night cheaper. 

    Upside to this sandals is that we are able to go to any of the other sandals on the island for free. Its included and they will shuttle us to and from. So its a stay at 1 play at 3. 

    Jamaica sandals are very nice. Our friend is on their honeymoon at one in Jamaica now. They are hitting beautiful weather. Sandals are cheaper there and air fair is cheaper. Here is some information about Jamaica. http://www.frommers.com/destinations/jamaica/781105#sthash.V7O0ilxF.dpbs 

    Also check out Trip Advisor and look at the user photos. Some are terrible but some are beautiful. It will give you an inside look to what your dealing with at resorts. 

    I did a lot of research since I have never been to the Caribbean…lets hope it works. 
  • Thanks Jean this was a huge help my fiance and I are young 26 and 28 and we are quiet kind of people as well. I'm looking to relax more then to party! I will be researching those resorts today. Looks like we are getting married on the same date too! 
  • Twins!!! If you are flying from the NYC area there are only direct flights from Wednesday-Saturday to St. Lucia. I'm a bad flyer so I "need" a direct flight. ha ha ha. 
  • I've never been to a sandals before, but I really wanted to go to one for our honeymoon.  Unfortunately all of the places we wanted to go were super expensive.  So we decided to book at their sister resort Secrets.  It's an adults only all-inclusive.  We're staying at Secrets Silver Sands in the Riviera Maya.  It's very nice, and reasonably priced.  We decided to splurge and get their "preferred club" swim out room, and are paying like 4500 for 12 nights.  I'm slightly concerned with the hurricanes, but I've been told that they really don't hit that side of Mexico that time of year.  

    I have stayed in Jamaica before, but not at a Sandals.  We stayed at another resort in Montego Bay.  It was amazing.  I know some people who stayed at the Sandals in Montego Bay and loved it.  Jamaica has the cheapest prices for Sandals, that I've found.  
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  • @ashwise We are also staying at a Secrets resort! They looked a bit nicer and seemed overall less expensive than Sandals. I talked to our travel agent that reassured us that we made the right decision. She said that most people at Sandals resorts are a bit more likely to mingle with other couples, whereas people who stay at the Secrets resorts keep more to themselves and it's more of a private atmosphere.

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  • We are also going to Sandals for our HM. We're going to the new one in Grenada :) It opened in December 2013 and so far all the reviews look really good! I'm super excited. This is our first time going to a Sandals also :) 

    Direct flights are out of JFK also for us 
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  • Lol.
     We are doing Sandals Antigua. Not too worried about storms. I can think of plenty of things to do indoors on the honeymoon :)
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    Seems like Sandals is popular here! We are also doing Sandals in St. Lucia! We will be staying at the Grande St. Lucian. We get married on a Saturday, and will be flying out for our honeymoon on the Wednesday after for a week! We leave from Jacksonville to Miami, and then Miami to St. Lucia so at least travel wont be too long. We are beyond excited to go and just bought a GoPro Camera for our adventures!
  • We finally booked our honeymoon to Secrets St. James in Montego Bay Jamaica!! It was a great deal within my budget we got travel insurance just in case of hurricanes! Thank you ladies for all of your help! 
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