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Rhode Island

Chelo's Catering for Cupcakes - logistics question

Hi all,

We are considering ordering cupcakes from Chelo's as our wedding dessert.  The particular type we're planning on runs $100 for 50 cupcakes, and to have enough for each guest to have at least 1.5, we'd need to order 3 sets of 150.  Thing is - Chelo's does not deliver them or set them up.  So my question is this: is it crazy to attempt moving 150 cupcakes (boxed properly, I'm assuming - have to check on that) from Chelo's to our venue?  The closest Chelo's location to our venue is about 25 minutes away.  This would be a fall wedding, so the cupcakes melting into puddles in transit isn't really a concern.  

It would save us money to avoid the delivery and setup fees, but I'm wondering if it's worth the trouble.  Do any of you have experience with transporting/setting up your own dessert displays?  Any great experiences or horror stories are equally appreciated!!


Re: Chelo's Catering for Cupcakes - logistics question

  • 500days500days MA member
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    I have no experience with this, but I can imagine that the delivery/set-up fee may be worth your while here. That's the last thing you should worry about on your wedding day. Where is your venue? Do you think the staff at your venue could at least set them up if you were to pick them up? Will Chelo's be including a cupcake display or tower? Just some questions to think about :-)

  • Are you looking into the cupcakes to save $?  If you are looking for something more affordable than a traditional cake, we're getting basically a fake cake (the part that we're cutting is real, but the rest is fake), then we also get a sheet cake that goes straight to the kitchen looks like the wedding cake that cut up and served to guests, saved us a ton. 

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