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Trying to change the tempo for our reception

It seems like every time I go to a wedding reception the party never really gets going till almost the end of the night. I understand that you've got to get through all the traditional formalities (first dance, cake cutting etc) but how can I change things up so the party vibe doesn't dwindle?

Re: Trying to change the tempo for our reception

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    You don't HAVE to go through any of the traditional formalities, so if you feel those keep the party from getting going, you could always eliminate them. 
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    With every wedding I've been to after all the spotlight dances the DJ typically plays music geared towards the older guests, since they tend to be the first ones to leave. Then as the night goes on more and more of the "party" music starts being played. If that isn't something you want just talk to your DJ (or who ever is manning the music) and see what they can do to get the party started sooner!




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    Our dj asked for requests, and we included a few as well as the request to keep the party hopping. I think we had one slow song the whole night.
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    scribe95 said:
    You can have your DJ kick it into party mode whenever you want. But know at that point the older guests will leave.
    I think this is a "know your crowd" thing. I don't expect my older guests to leave during the party/dancing portion of the night (which I expect to start soon after dinner), because they were out there on the dance floor getting down with the younger folks at the other weddings I've been to!
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    I think it hurts the party atmosphere when the party gets started, then gets interrupted for traditional wedding things. I have my timeline so we have speeches and cut the cake before and during the meal, respectively, and then have a first dance and any other spotlight dance at the end of the meal, as a way to kick off the dancing for the night. 
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