September 2014 Weddings


Got my invites all figured out and ordered and I went very unique with the RSVPs. I used VistaPrint to do my invites and RSVPs. I used the cheap 1 sided Invitations and uploaded my own design. Then I used the free business cards for the RSVPs. I spent a total of $89 for 150 invitations and 250 RSVP cards (FREE)!!!!! Free envelopes!!!! You can't beat that. I even went as far as creating a hashtag for our wedding stuff!!! That way when friends and family upload their pictures they can just put in the hashtag and it will make it that much easier to find.

Re: Invites

  • That's awesome! We got our invites through vistaprint and saved a bundle! :-)
  • Nice! I thought about doing the business cards too. How do they look?
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    What size are your envelopes to mail them back in? You do know that the USPS only accepts a certain size, a thank you card is about as small as they will mail.

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    Great deal! I also went through Vistaprint and saved a ton of money.
  • They are the size of a small postcard.  I also put the information for them to RSVP via email, facebook or phone.  Most will email to make it easier on them.  Most of the invites we are hand delivering. 
  • I just went with the plain white ones because I couldn't change the colors.  So I'm jazzing them up a little bit with some red and silver rhinestones. 
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