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What's everyone doing for flowers? I really need to go meet with my florist but I wanted to have an idea of what flowers I'd like to use in bouquets/for boutonnieres before I go again. I know zilch about flowers except that some are pretty and some smell awful. The bouquets are going to be relatively small (and mine will actually be just a few flowers tied to a small bible), but I don't even know what flowers are in season at the beginning of October.

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  • Your florist should be able to help you with these questions. When I visited mine, all I knew were what our colors were. I had no idea what type of flowers to get or even the exact types of centerpieces I wanted. Our florist was great. She showed me lots of options and even helped us modify her original quote to stay within our budget.

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  • We are doing bouquets and corsages for the bridal party as well as my bouquet. I took pictures off pinterest and she helped me from there. I could not justify doing floral centerpieces. They are very expensive and are going to go to waste after the wedding anyway. We decided to cut a few corners and I am DIYing my own centerpieces which will be floating candles.
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    Just to give you an idea, this was my experience with the florist:

    My florist had a whole card swatch set that showed flowers according to what colors they are available in.  So if you just know what colors you'd like, they will look through something like that to suggest flower types, and they will know which ones are more pricey and which ones you can substitute that are cheaper.  For instance I'm having plum dahlias in my bouquet because I like that flower, but they aren't cheap, so she suggested for the centerpieces we use plum pom mums...forms of chrysanthemums...which are much more affordable and will provide the same color with a similar look.

    She had a few uniqe things in mind since I told her I didn't want typical wedding flowers, and she had her huge computer screen near where we met and was able to pull up some pics to show me which was helpful. 

    I know she had tons of albums to look through, but once I told her my vision and colors, there was no need to look at a million photos.  But, I do know some things about flowers so I think that helped.  I'm sure the books are helpful for those who don't have distinct ideas in mind.

    ETA:  plus, they will know which flowers are in season and which they can get locally...that helps with savings as well.

  • I'm looking at using a bouquet for myself and MOH, boutonnieres for the groom and BM.

    As far as decoration, I'm not really looking at using flowers.  I MIGHT use balloons to add a little fun, but probably won't.

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    We're not doing flowers for decorations either. My bouquet is going to be a couple flowers anchored to my grandma's small bible. Then bouquets for MOH and BM, bouts for BM and GM. I actually ran into my florist at a concert Friday and she said to stop in on Monday, so hopefully we can get some stuff figured out.
  • we are going to sams club either the day of the wedding or the night before to pick out flowers. they have really pretty flowers. iI am not spending over $20! 
  • I made a paper flower bouquet and bouts and will also be decorating with paper flowers.  I am also using pinecones, dried sweetgum pods, and hopefully chinese/winter lanterns and honesty pods if they grow in in time (growing them myself).  The only thing I am buying flower wise is white Gerber Daisies and maybe a little Babies Breath, which I will probably just get from the grocery store because I won't need more then a couple bunches and my local store does them for less than 50cents a stem. 

    As far as what is in season in October, these is somewhat helpful
  • Our "theme" is Tuscan with deep purples and golds. I'm doing picasso callas for my bouquet and hydrangeas, sunflowers and others for the bridesmaids. I think we'll do orchids for the moms corsages. Doing candle centerpieces for the reception but we are having floating sunflowers for the cocktail reception. Basically a sunflower bloom sitting on top of a short square vase.
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    My florist did a mockup of our centerpieces last night! I'm so excited! It's a mix of sahara roses, garden roses, hydrangeas, scabiosa pods, angel vine, coral hypericum berries, cotton pods, a couple small pheasant feathers. I love everything soooo much!!!

    We'll have three tall centerpieces and they'll be on a stand like this centerpiece.

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    I went and talked to my florist yesterday and I think we're going to be okay. She showed me several flowers that she will be able to easily get (of course, I can't remember anything except ranunculus, but that's okay because I LOVE those). We're only doing bouquets and boutonnieres, so I basically gave her the go ahead to use the flowers she showed me and make us something amazing. She said to email her some pictures if I had anything specific in mind, so I'm pretty excited to waste time looking at flower pictures later :)

    LaPeanut1018 your centerpieces are pretty!
  • I did silk flowers for our bouquets, bouts and corsages. We just did decopaged candle holders for our centerpieces. 
  • We are ordering orange, red, and cream colored alstromeria in bulk from costco floral and then I'll be making all of the bouquets, boutonnieres, and corsages (sounds a bit daunting, but I know I can do it).

    The only floral part of our centerpieces will be orange and red potted mums, so I am going to order those and then pick them up from a greenhouse the day before the wedding (still need to do this!)
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