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Reviews for Final Stitch Alterations

Final Stitch is located in the Louisiana shopping center on Montgomery and Louisiana in Albuquerque. I just piced up my three bridesmaid's dresses from there and they turned out PERFECT! One of the dresses was for my 9 year old daughter, it was an adult size xs and they had to take it down like 2 or three sizes for it to fit her. It has a heart shape cut out in the back that they had to be sure and keep the shape of, and they did an amazing job! Now she has a perfectly tailored dress that matches the other bridesmaids. So adorable! It wasn't cheap, though. It was about $200 total for all three dresses to get altered. 

I also dropped off my wedding gown that same day. It was about $180 to get it taken in slightly and to add a bustle. I'll let everyone know how it turns out when I pick it up next week! Oh yeah, that's the other thing I love about this place. Fast turn around! It only took 1 week to do all three BM dresses, and my gown again will only take a week. 

I forget the name of the owner guy, but he is always so professional, friendly, and helpful. He's from Europe I think and has been in the fashion/altering industry for years. He's amazing. 

Re: Reviews for Final Stitch Alterations

  • How did your gown turn out?
  • @Knottie22166696  I don't know if you're still around or wondering about Final Stitch. I'm not the OP but I also went there for my alterations. My gown turned out absolutely perfect and Masood was really friendly and professional. I needed a bustle and to have it taken in a little at the hips. He had to move a piece of the lace detail so it didn't get cut off in the new seam and it all came out beautifully. I would definitely recommend :) 
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