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Our hike

Was really successful.  It ended up being about 7 miles total.  Basically an up and down the mountain, twice.

I learned not to trust maps.  We decided to do this trail that followed the creek and then turned off to Shelter #1 instead of the official beginning of the trail we had picked out.  I knew it would be steep.  However the map distance was slightly inaccurate (I hope you can feel my sarcasm here).  We ended up going about 200-300 feet in elevation in about 400-500 feet linear (estimates vary between DH and I).  There were inclines I wasn't sure I could walk up in the first damn place, much less with a 30 pound backpack, but we made it.  I only had one emotional meltdown right after this (this tends to happen to me when I put myself under extreme physical stress.  It takes about 10 minutes, then I'm fine, so I just deal) and then it was off to the walking again.

Sooooooooooooo much poison ivy.  We had to hike through it to get to the camp.  When we got to camp, we went straight into the creek and washed off with our camp sponges soaked in Dawn soap.  The poison ivy led to us cutting the trip short b/c we didn't have enough Dawn soap and clothing to keep protecting ourselves from poison ivy.  So we stayed one night, played in the water and then called it a trip.  It probably worked out better that way anyway.

My pack was 32 pounds and didn't get into the extra 10L.  Nailed it.  DH's pack was 37 pounds and didn't get into the extra 10L.  Nailed it.  Take THAT rich guy trying to tell us how we could/couldn't pack!  And we didn't have any "Dammit, we forgot [X]" moments.  Though we did decide next time take a roll of paper towels and actual soap, not just soaked sponges.  Oh and we need a better camp shovel.

We also made friends with the local wildlife.  A raccoon that we named Tom, from Jersey.  B/c when we shined the flashlights at him and yelled at him to go away, he very slowly turned around and sauntered off.  You could just see him thinking, "I'm leaving b/c I want to leave, not b/c you're telling me to leave!".  He came back again later and tried to get into DH's pack, which was hanging on a tree.  DH yelled at him again.  So, he went and chewed through our rope we had made for pulling ourselves in and out of the creek (had about a 2 foot muddy drop).  Butthead.

Also heard treefrogs singing so loud!  I was ready for a "Bud-Weis-Er" moment at any time.  Then the rutting deer.  That made noise all damn night.  I almost couldn't sleep through the damn deer at all.  And then random coyote howls.  It was weird.  There would be one howl and then this explosion of yipping.  We figured it must've been mom and pups or something.  Happened twice.

Also, one of MIL's comments was how "Princess Pocahontas" should be just fine at camping, b/c I'm Indian.  After I pulled my mouth up, I told her that was the wrong tribe, thankssomuch.

Re: Our hike

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    Yay for hike!

    Also, I'lm kinda grumpy today.  Send me your MIL so I can give her a crotchpunch.
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    Yay for a generally successful trip where you also learned stuff for next time!

    Your MIL sucks.

  • Maybe it's b/c I'm just not around her anymore.  Or maybe she has had a personality change since moving.  But some of the things she said I was just appalled at.  Even DH was sitting there shaking his head, while she protested, "That's not racist, it's funny".  Oh no, it's really racist, MIL.  

    There was just a handful of things said that were hurtful enough that in the end, I was glad to see them, but I was really glad to see them go, too.
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