Anyone gotten married at or been to a wedding at Arnaldo's in Riverview?

The title pretty much says it all :) I couldn't find any reviews here on the knot but have seen some good ones on other wedding sites, and the only negative posts have been before 2011. It looks really beautiful and their pricing is...unreal. There is a recessed cieling in the ballroom that's made to look like a night sky, and the food looks amazing. Free 6 hour standard bar if you have a January - April wedding...anyways, I have an appointment to see it this week, and after many fails in my venue search, I am crossing my fingers it's as great as it appears. Thanks ladies!



Re: Anyone gotten married at or been to a wedding at Arnaldo's in Riverview?

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    ok update - I did find some other reviews (I think I was spelling it Arnoldo's so they weren't showing up for me) and everyone seemed to rave about it! If we go with them, I need to find a good ceremony location nearby (I will have at least 200 people, and their separate ceremony location only holds 88). I am not familiar with this area at all, so any help from you guys would be awesome.

    So I am looking for a (1) ceremony recomendation - doesn't need to be a church, we are Christian but not strict by any means, (2) photo location recomendations, (3) hotels in the area? I saw some reviews where brides said their guests stayed in Southgate at the Holdiay

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    There's a couple places to get married, Grecian Center does ceremonies, there's a little church at Orlando Familia in Riverview, wedding chapel in Wyandotte and one at heritage park. Pictures: heritage park and Elizabeth park are ones a lot of people go to.  for hotels? I'm doing Comfort Suites in Southgate. You could do there, the Holiday Inn in Southgate, The new Hampton Inn in Southgate or even the Best Western in Woodhaven. Good Luck
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    Thank you @mrsbtobe2015! We are finalizing (I hope) our decision to have the reception at Arnaldo's tomorrow. I am really excited! I've started looking and have found alot of the places you just mentioned, but thank you for the advice. Are you getting married there? When? Congrats :)
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