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Guess Who's Back!!! (MRS RECAP)

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Taking a deep breath) This has been a journey for the books lol...

Starting off on Wednesday afternoon (after i left work) I got the call from the guy at the dress store that my dress had arrived (EXCITED) i asked one of my really close friends to meet me there considering i needed someone to help me get in the dress the day of and thankfully she was there for me.. Upon trying on the dress i'm thinking to myself do i really need alterations (which is $280.00) so i said you know what im taking it and keeping it moving i can save that money.. Got my dress home and hung it up. But in the back of my mind i knew i needed the alterations.. thankfully my mom said she would pay for it so the next day (Thursday, Day before the wedding) i called him up and asked if i could bring it back and he said yes... Now, i think i called him at about 12'noon and told him i would be there in an hour smh i didn't get there until after 330.. I was on my way to get my mani/pedi and i was hoping it wouldn't have taken her over an hour, well.... it did!.. I left the nail salon flying like a bat out of you know where and went home picked up the dress and flew over to the dress shop.. Of course i got a nasty look but hey the seamstress said no worries it would be done by 12'noon the next day..(sigh of relief)!!! Anyway i got home thinking to myself that i needed to at least clean up some considering i would be having the mua come to do my make up and i knew a few friends would be stopping by to chat and drink some wine before heading to the church... 

The Groom had his tux and my son was set that morning to go with him.. i had everything out and all i needed to do was get up shower and head over to get my hair done.. Got to the hairstylist on time and she had me in and out in about an hour (Praise Him).. I got home just in time, my mua was pulling up just as i was walking in the door and she came in we chatted for a minute and she got busy.. Well i completely forgot to get money out of the atm to pay her..(slaps forhead)  ok let me call my honey to see if he has cash, considering he is bringing me the rental car he could drop it off... (o btw i saw him that morning so i guess all of that don't see the bride until she walks down the aisle crap was out the door lol) anyway he didn't have it and was already frustrated with the rental car place so i called mom.. She was on her way to pick up my dress and said she would be there and she had the cash (again Praise Him)... My friend texted me and said she was on her way (now this is where i was like ok what about my friends-TLC).. No one else came by or even called only that one friend came by and i am forever grateful for her and her husband they were a huge help.. (i guess that's what happens when you have no bridal party *shrugs*).. I got dressed and hurried off to the atm since i was early and headed to the church.. pulled up and quickly told my friend to drive down the street so we could sit for a minute and let everyone park and get in the church.. As we are sitting there mind you everyone is going into the church and he has pulled up and then he calls *yelling* WHERE IS THE MARRIAGE LICENSE??? i'm like i gave it to you but of course he doesn't listen so hes frustrated with that and we are waiting on his slow slow slow granny and his brother to come.. Mind you i was on time and waiting for them made the wedding start late.. smh! So the pastor told him to not worry about the license and that we could go ahead and start things... Sooooooo finally grannyzilla comes up and now we can begin... My photographer was on point and snapping pics as soon as i pulled up to the front of the church.. I got out still not nervous just anxious to get it over with lol.. I got my bouquet and walked in and the musician started playing A COUPLE OF FOREVER...... My son walked in with the broom and i followed.. It was all a blur, a fast blur! We jumped the broom and we were married.. 
SN: YESSSS I GOT MY RING BACK LOL..... He is such a jerk lol!!!

Anywho we went take a few pics and off to dinner.. everything turned out great and the cake publix delivered was yummy in my tummy...

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