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Gift for my groom?

Any ideas for a gift for my groom? I got him a monogrammed leather cuff link box so he can keep his ring, cuff links, collar stays, etc. in, but feel like I want to get something more. Something meaningful. Any ideas?

Re: Gift for my groom?

  • I gave H the greatest gift of!  LOL!  Just kidding.  But we didn't exchange gifts because we just didn't really see the point.  I guess you could call our HM a gift to each other.

  • We got each other a wedding and a honeymoon. A love letter is always nice too.
  • We thought about doing gifts and just decided not to. We just decided our memories from the wedding and commitment to each other were gift enough.

  • My FI is the hardest man to shop for, EVER! He has no need/want for any material possessions which makes birthday and anniversary shopping hard. However, he always says that a handwritten card would mean a lot to him (he's the most sentimental man I've ever met, lol) so I'll be writing him a love letter the day of our wedding. We are also "gifting" each other our honeymoon.

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  • We didn't exchange gifts, though I do plan on doing a budoir shoot for him at some point in time. 

  • Cufflinks and a massage. We agreed not to spend a lot since we paid for the wedding :)
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  • He gets me. There might even be a bow after the wedding.

    We're spending enough money on the wedding. We're also not getting a honeymoon. No need for gifts.

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  • It seems like everyone is on the same page here. My groom is also the hardest man ever to shop for! (Don't even get me started about Christmas...) He doesn't like "stuff" as well as he does memories and experiences. So, I think I'll put a hand written note in his leather box I got for him. @beachyone15‌, my guy is sentimental, too! When we got engaged I said I felt bad because I got this huge sparkly ring and he didn't get anything. He said "yes I did. I got YOU." :-)
  • I got my husband a leather catch-all for his nightstand and a picture frame with our way of saying "I love you" engraved on it. We talked about this beforehand (not the actual gifts, but whether or not we wanted to exchange them). We also set a budget together for these gifts.
  • I'm getting FI a watch because he loves watches and hasn't had a new one in a while (plus, it will be something nice and new he can wear that day).
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  • I'm getting FI a watch because he loves watches and hasn't had a new one in a while (plus, it will be something nice and new he can wear that day).
    I'm also getting a watch.  I wanted to pick out something that he can have with him all the time.  
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    I got the book "A Lovely Love Story" and plan to write him a note in it. I also got him black (duh) batman socks. I'm wearing a batman garter, so it just seemed fitting... Plus he loves Batman. ETA: I think I spent about $15. We decided to keep it small (coughcheapcough) and thoughtful.
  • FI and I planned on not buying each other presents. He surprised me one day with a Swarovski necklace with crystals and pearls. Its is beautiful, but spendy. I never would have paid for it myself.

    After that I decided that now was the time to buy him something I had been watching for him. He told me of a particular work by his favorite artist, but could't find it in poster format. Just books. It took a while, but I found it in watercolor, on canvas, signed by the artist, with certificate of authenticity. Limited addition. It ended up costing about the same as my necklace, and he flipped when he found out I bought it. He almost cried he was so touched. So worth it.
  • I'm getting my groom this because he fell in love with it when we were buying our rings.
    I think it will look gorgeous on him, I want to look into getting it engraved too. 


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  • I got my FI gold hot pants, because he secretly wants them.
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  • We had decided not to do any wedding gifts for each other... we decided early in our relationship to not do birthday, anniversary, Christmas, valentines, or any other gifts either, so it was an easy decision. We do on occasion get each other gifts "just because", though, if we find something the other would like. But, I did find some cufflinks that suited him well and bought them for the wedding... of course, he forgot to wear them. And I'm not sure he'll ever wear a full suit again in his life, let alone find an opportunity to go all out with the cufflinks. Oh well.  We figure that we got each other a wedding, honeymoon, wedding bands, and a lifetime of misery and happiness together... that's the best gift ever, so what else is needed?


  • My suggestions...


    A massage at a local spa

    A bottle of wine

    A nice wallet


  • Ok so I did get him the gold hot pants because it's an inside joke, but I finally decided to get him a "real" gift. I got him a new tablet. He's been using my old one forever, so I know he'll use it. He never let's me buy him anything for his birthday, sooooo. ... :) he'll be surprised!
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