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What the actual hell?


Re: What the actual hell?

  • Shows like this and The Bachelor/Bachelorette drive me crazy. You can't build a solid foundation for a marriage on reality TV! That's why the majority of those couples break up!
    Agreed! I'm sure it's easy to believe your in love when every date you go on in a crazy, unexpected adventure! 

    I told BF we should go on the show so we can go on awesome dates and travel around the world on ABC's dime! 

  • Admittedly, I watched it.  Admittedly, it's stupid, but definitely a train wreck/guilty pleasure quality to it just to see how this experiment plays out.  I'm imagining not good. 

    I think Ms. Otis screwed herself over when she obviously lied during all of their interviewing saying "it's about the personality of the person more than the looks"...guess not, huh?

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    I found out last night I actually do get the channel, but for some reason on my internet guide it says I don't.  They're repeating the show like crazy!!  My thumb may have slipped and hit the 'record' button just because I wanna see the train wreck too!!

    Edit:  Somewhere FI is shaking his head thinking 'why does she watch stuff she knows is just going to piss her off?'

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