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Up-do or half-up? What helped you decide?

I can't decide if I want a complete up-do or half up hair. My dress is strapless, so I don't feel like my hair would be covering anything up. But I also don't want my hair to look nasty by the end of the night. Along with that, I usually wear my hair down on a normal day, so I still want to feel like myself. Help? What are you guys doing for your hair? What helped you decide?

Re: Up-do or half-up? What helped you decide?

  • I wore my hair up in an up-do. I am not a big fan of half-up or all down hairstyles with wedding dresses. This dress is most likely the fanciest dress you will ever wear and I just don't understand having "everyday" hair with it. I also don't like half-up or all down do's because, like you said, they will like look crap by the end of the night. My friend had a half-up half down do for her wedding and even before her ceremony her curls were starting to fall. By the time she got to the reception it just looked sad. Finally, keep in mind the temperature and also humidity around the time of your wedding. I knew that I wanted mine up because when I wear it down and get hot it expands, gets frizzy, and bothers the hell out of me so I constantly am playing with it.

  • Updo because I think it looks nicer and I wanted my hair out of my face and off my neck.
  • I wore half up - half down. My DH really, really doesn't like it when I wear my hair up. Granted, it's usually a ponytail or messy bun, but I did take into consideration how he likes me to do my hair. I wore a veil the entire time so you really couldn't see what my hair looked like anyways so in the end it kind of ended up not mattering.
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    I'm doing half-up/half-down. I almost always wear my hair down, and I will feel more like myself. Plus, I don't like the way I look with all of my hair up.

    I think you should go with whatever style you want and feel comfortable with!

  • I went back and forth quite a bit but ultimately decided all up. My hair does not hold curl well and I didn't want it stiff with hairspray to hold any style. I was torn because my hair is usually down and the only time I wear it up at all is at the gym, but then I realized that I didn't want to look like everyday. I had my hair trial on Sunday for all up and I LOVED it :)
  • I'm wearing mine in an up-do. Ididn't want to have to worry about my hair being in my face or the curls falling. I put my hair up any time I'm doing something: eating, dancing, thinking...etc. So it made sense.

  • Updo - I've always worn my hair up for formal events, and down just screams "this isn't formal" to me (on others, it's fine!  I'm only saying for my own hair).   I have a ton of very thick hair, and after having it down for any amount of time, it either gets limp or it gets frizzy.  I don't want to have either on our wedding day!   I'm not doing a high updo - just a low bun w/ some embellishment. 
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  • What is the weather most likely going to be on your wedding?  If it is hot, humid, or muggy I suggest all up.  I've been in several weddings where we (bride, bridesmaids, or both) had our hair half up, only to pin it up as soon as the ceremony ended, or right after leaving the salon, because it was too hot.

    If it is going to be cooler, then keeping some hair down will help provide some warmth.  
  • I wore my hair half up/half down.   I knew I'd never wear it all up because that just emphasizes my round face.
  • I'm doing half up. It's more flattering to my face and my hair doesn't hold a curl well outside of its natural but slight and temperamental waviness. So it'll probably be straight.
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  • I'm with PP who asked about the weather. If you are getting married during a warmer time, you might want to go with a total updo to help keep yourself cooler. Also if you have a tendency to sweat while dancing, an updo might help keep you cooler & hold better through the day.
  • I haven't decided. I hate my hair down but I don't know yet. hmmm... Do you want pieces of hair down or do you want to keep it all together?

  • I'd say you need to consider: 1. weather 2. how you feel most comfortable, and 3. how you feel most beautiful Some up-dos look like prom hair, so watch out for that too. My hair holds curls extremely well (like if I didn't wash my hair for a week, the curls would still be there) and I never ever ever wear my hair up so I'm not comfortable with it up. There are ways to do really fancy/elegant/special styles and still have your hair down. I'm a huge fan of the 1940's wave, for example. It's really up to you, and how you want your overall look to be.
  • I just spoke with a friend who did her trial last week.  She had the stylist make an up do that was loosely held together underneath with pins, and thus could be easily out if she wants a more casual look for the reception.  It's the option I've been thinking of too.
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    I had my hair "trial" today (my regular hairdresser tried a bunch of things to see what I liked and what suited me. It's going to be done by someone else at our wedding.) I had planned on half up, but I think I'm going to end up going completely down, which surprised me. The other hair styles were gorgeous but I felt really uncomfortable and self conscious. With this look, I felt pretty. I think *that* is what tells you it's the right one.
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