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Rehearsal Dinners

Hello! Does anyone know of a place in downtown Milwaukee for a rehearsal dinner under $10K? We have called many places (Rustico, Swig, and Pizza Man) and they all want at least $15K for a Friday night. Any suggestions would be helpful!

Re: Rehearsal Dinners

  • Wow! How many people are you having!? That number seems outrageous!  We're having our rehearsal dinner at Riverfront Pizzeria, nothing fancy but we like their atmosphere and food.  And they were very reasonably priced.
  • We did the upstairs of Trocadero- Red Star Cocktail Lounge. All of the properties under the Lowlands Group (Trocadero, Cafe Hollander, Cafe Centraal, and Cafe Benelux) were all very reasonable. 

    BTW, we called Pizza Man too and I am dumbfounded at how much they were asking! Absolutely ridiculous!!

    Here is some info I got from the event coordinator for Lowlands: 

    Café Hollander on Downer
    2nd Floor
    - Loft space overlooking the main dining room
    - Exposed cream city brick throughout
    - Windows throughout give a lot of natural light and views of Downer Avenue
    - Private bathrooms and can have private bar setup in room
    - Seats up to 54 guests for a plated dinner, 44 for a buffet
    - Stair access only, no elevator
    - Minimum:  $1,500

    While Café Benelux does not have private spaces, the restaurant does have several semi-private spaces to offer. 

    The Rooftop  
    -Private Space
    - Completely outdoor space, which means it's use is weather dependent.  In the event that there is inclement weather your group will be accommodated within the main restaurant as space becomes available.  
    - The rooftop can hold 140-160 guests
    - Variety of high tables, dining tables and long cocktailing tables 

    Half of the Rooftop 
    -Semi-private space  
    - Low tables seating 4 to a table 
    - Good option for plated dinners 
    - Seating for up to 48 

    Rooftop High Tops
    -Semi-private space  
    - All long high top tables
    - Good option for buffets and plated dinners 
    - Seating for up to 60
    - Minimum: $3,000
    Front Bar Area 
    - 40 guests at 10 tables of 4 
    - Great for cocktail Event or plated dinner
    - Rolling garage doors open to outside.  
    - Minimum: $2,500

    Front Sidewalk Area 
    -Space connects to the Front Bar Area with the garage doors and extends out on the sidewalk under the awning to Broadway St.  
    - This adds additional seating for 50 more guests, so combined space for up to 90 people.  
    - Minimum for both spaces: $5,500

    Red Star Cocktail Club 
    2nd floor above Trocadero
    - Vintage themed Cocktail Lounge
    - Large Private bar 
    - Soft suede seating 
    - Exposed cream city brick with rich brown and gold tones
    - Grand stair case
    - Space for 100 people
    - Appetizer options available
    - Available 11am to 8pm privately (at 8pm the bar opens to the public)
    - Minimum: $500 & $100 Staffing fee

    Café Hollander in Tosa
    Our entire 2nd Floor can seat up to 120 guests, however we do have room dividers so we can offer you space appropriate to your group size.  

    Entire 2nd Floor
    -Seats up to 120 guests
    -Private bathrooms
    -Private satellite bar setup in room
    -Floor to ceiling windows with view of Tosa Village and River
    -Minimum:  $6,500

    1/2 2nd Floor
    -Seats up to 60 guests
    -Private satellite bar setup in room
    -Views of the Tosa Village
    -Minimum:  $3,250

    Portion 2nd Floor
    -Seats up to 30 guests
    -Minimum:  $1,200

    They have a banquet menu for you to choose your food from- mostly appetizers, salads, and sandwiches... all very delicious though! 

  • If you do the private room at Swig or Rustico rather than their main space, it is much less expensive.  We are using Swig for our rehearsel dinner and the private room has a $300 rental fee, but no minimum.  We had our engagement party in their downstairs space on a Saturday night and the minimum was $1,500.  
  • Are you sure your numbers are right?  I don't think my wedding on a Saturday night even had a 15K minimum?

    How many people?  We had our rehersal at Joey Bouna's.  Everything was perfect.  All of our guests loved it.  Food was great and we were able to pack up all the extra food to take back to the hospitality suite....For family style dining there was ALOT of extras....  Very reasonable prices compared to what we got.


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