wedding woes...

I would like some wonderful advice (besides waiting) please. Im 18 and have no real source of income, but my fiancée is doing a great job at paying for what he can. My mother is a full time student with one degree who will not get a job. I have no dad to help out. What do i do? Do i take out a loan? Does my mom? I would really appreciate if nobody told me to wait, I've had enough of that. Thank you.

Re: wedding woes...

  • Elope!  Then in a few years have some sort of celebration.  It's only a wedding, relax and enjoy the process.
  • You should talk to your mom before making that decision. Finding out what our family was able to contribute is what started our budget. Its not assumed anymore that a wedding is covered by the bride's parents. I wouldn't suggest taking out a loan but that is up to you. Starting a marriage in debt isn't something most people want to do. We basically saved 25% of our paychecks for 6 months ad then also had money gifted by my fiancé's family to pay for ours.


    Good luck! But seriously, if you and your mom and future husband don't have the money and waiting isn't an option I would totally elope.

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