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So close!

August is almost here! Are you ready?!

I've been pretty chill about the whole wedding planning but I'm starting to get anxious. I'm DIYing a lot of the details and I'm starting to worry about getting it all done. At the same time I can't wait for it to get here and just be done!

Re: So close!

  • I am so excited!!I admit, I'm kinda at the "let's get married already" stage. I've been stressing about not inviting an individual who asked if they were invited (why do people think it's okay to do that) and I finally let it go so moving on! I did just find out there's a lot more to a Catholic ceremony than I thought soooo that's fun! haha really I'm just ready to be his WIFE.
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    I'm excited too and am in the same spot!  We still have some projects left to do - but we've got a lot done as well.  We have scheduled a couple of mega-wedding mondays when we knock out lots of projects.  We take that day to run around and get stuff done.  Next Monday, we are going to apply for our marriage license :) then get some of the other projects done and out of the way.

    The closer I get, the more connected to him I feel and the more in-love I fall.  I am really looking forward to being married!
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  • I literally can not even wrap my head around it.  

    My coworkers started a countdown on the white board over my desk....when I came in in this morning and saw "19 days!", I nearly lost my shit.  I'm so excited/nervous/ready for it to be here/don't want it to fly by me/just a ball of emotions.

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  • Yikes!! Me too!! Super excited!! I also did alot of DIY's (which im nervous about too). Countdown has begun for us also!!
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  • How do you get that wedding countdown in your signature?!?! Love that!!!
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  • Figured it out! :)
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