20th Century Theater vs Redmoor Event center

My fiance and I are trying to decide between these venues.  Any experence with either? Good? Bad? Food? Do they really work with you like they say?

Re: 20th Century Theater vs Redmoor Event center

  • How many are you planning on inviting? 20th Cent "says' they can accomodate 300, but it would be very very crowded
  • ValB15ValB15 member
    We are thinking around 200. Redmoor max is 225.
  • Just got married at 20th Century in May and cannot say enough wonderful things about them! Happy to answer specific q's if you e-mail me.  The staff is amazing, especially Lindsey and Mark. Food was solid.  Can't recommend the place enough!
  • ValB15ValB15 member
    Thanks!! That is awesome to hear! We just booked it last week for next summer!
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