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Ceremony Gift for Our Children

We are getting married next month and are looking for something we can give to our 4 children to symbolize that we are becoming a family.  I've looked at the medallions but with 4 kids that would cost quite a bit.  I am looking for other gift ideas that we can either purchase or make. 

Re: Ceremony Gift for Our Children

  • I really don't know what you can give them, but I would make the gift outside the ceremony. Your kids may not want the attention during the ceremony to be on them, and your guests aren't going to be interested in your "becoming a family" in a ritual. They'll assume that it will automatically happen as a result of your marriage. But the ceremony is meant to join you and your FI in a union, not every member of the family.
  • We are planning to do something like that too.  I don't think we'll do it during the ceremony, but likely before it.  I don't agree that guests wouldn't be interested in the ritual of a family ceremony, in fact, I'd think it was super sweet if I was a guest for that.  
  • If there are other parental units who are in the picture for the kids, be careful how you do this. "We are family" can also be interpreted as "and they're not."
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