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Almost 2 months out! How is everyone doing now?

Wow!  I can't believe it's coming up so fast!  How is everybody doing with 2 months to go?  

I've been pretty stress-free up until this point- I think it's all the little details that are coming up- but there are still a few big things that are left for us to do

1.  we haven't chosen a rehearsal dinner location.  oops
2.  we still have to figure out what the groomsmen are wearing- we didn't want them to rent tuxes at mens warehouse so this piece has been particularly stressful trying to figure out if they should buy suits depending on cost or if we can find a place for them to rent though it's looking like mens warehouse has a monopoly on mens formal attire.  

whew!  I hope you ladies are all doing well!  So excited for all of us! Xoxox

Re: Almost 2 months out! How is everyone doing now?

  • MW5280MW5280 member
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    My mom stresses me out more than anything/anyone else!

    Today's crisis: 2 of the 3 showers being thrown for me are on the same day because my sister will be in town that weekend. The one in the "morning" is now starting at noon; the one in the "evening" is now starting at 4. Apparently they were originally going to be 10:30 and 6. 

    My mom was sending about 30 texts/minute to my sister and I. She needs to lay off the caffeine and get a paper bag.
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  • Two months out and freaking out a little. Our venue gave us the news just a week or two ago that they wouldn't be available for our date due to flooding damage to the property that will require remodeling. So we have had a huge past few days trying to find another venue that will work for us. We had high hopes for one venue but when we went to visit it turned out to be right beside the state prison. Razorwire and armed guards nixed that idea.

    Tuesday we will be visiting one last venue. If that one doesn't work out I will probably have to reachedule the wedding for next year or else just elope.

    Aside from that everything else has been going perfectly! My dress came in and we had the bakery and everything thing else booked. I hope we can get this one last hiccup taken care of in time.
  • kaitlynmichellekaitlynmichelle British Columbia member
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    I accomplished a lot today. Found a strapless bra for my dress, found shoes, and one of my bridesmaids found a dress (I'm letting them choose whatever they want).

    So far so good this month!
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  • Two of my five bridesmaids bought their shoes. I'll have my second fitting in August. Cake tasting just got rescheduled....again. Right now just trying to put together all the decorations and by my accessories but so far I'm pretty calm :)

  • Wow!  You ladies sound like you're all plugging right along.  Something is always bound to come up but I am so sorry that happened to you jnrsgrl!  You deserve the wedding of your dreams.  We all do.  We solidified the rehearsal dinner venue yesterday finally!  So that's huge.  Have a wonderful Sunday ladies!
  • KaurisKauris member
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    • We just paid deposit for our RD, and after party taco truck. 
    • Finalized the rental agreement. 
    • Finished up my own calligraphy on the invitations and they are ready to be mailed at the EOM. 
    • Already sent the invitations for those out of the country. 
    • Dress fittings are scheduled. 
    • BM have dresses and are set with accessories they already own. 
    • Ordered the Shutterfly book we are using for the guest book. 
    • Have final details meetings scheduled with florist, venue/caterer and DOC. 
    • Paid deposit for the band. 
    • Wedding bands have been purchased. 
    • And I did my boudouir photos on Saturday. 
    So not much else to do right now.

  • I can now officially say that EVERYTHING is paid in full! Very, very happy about that.

    The only things left to do:

    -          Buy my son a ring bearer outfit (he is going through a growth spurt right now, so waiting til end of August)

    -          Finish up creating the wedding favors (fiancé is helping)

    -          Print off photos for the memories table, and maybe a photo book

    -          Buy handheld lighters for the exit sparklers

    -          Buy twinkle lights for the reception area, and string to hold up the paper lanterns

    -          Choose makeup for the big day


    That’s it!

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  • thisismynickname2thisismynickname2 City By The Lake member
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    Doin' great!

    FI ordered our wedding bands today and I ordered bridesmaid gifts today too.  Last weekend we ordered a cake topper. 

    Honestly, I'm following TK's checklist and don't need to take care of anything else (besides accounting for RSVP's) until August.  Woo!


  • HH2BeHH2Be member
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    Spent this cloudy day taking the stickers off of the small vases and all the candle holders for the centerpieces. To cut cost, I ordered a few pieces on my own, the florist handled the rest of the stuff for the centerpieces. Invitations went out in the mail today!! Guestbook arrived last week. Cake topper has shipped! Scheduled my first fitting for next week. My shower is next Saturday! Had a wonderful BBQ this past weekend with our bridal party & our parents. Set final meetings with the DJ & photographer. Going to see venue again at the end of the month, while also checking out the hotel (for photo ops). Need to set final meeting with the florist & check in with the videographer. Meeting with our officiant the day after my shower. Need to finish up favors, thinking about ordering more supplies. Better to have extra than not enough. Need to keep checking Jo-Ann Fabric for the ribbon I need for the favors. Also still need to do table numbers... thinking of pictures of him & I at the age of the table number. But might actually scratch that idea. FI & groomsmen just need to go for their measurements, but they can do that mid-end of August. We are using Men's Warehouse. And FI needs to pick out gifts for his guys. Something he'll probably do the weekend before the wedding! Anyone else have a packed calendar until their wedding? We have something to do at least 1 day of each weekend from now until the week before the wedding. But I'm sure something will pop up to be scheduled that weekend!
  • Cake. So much cake! Our prospective (and now official) cake baker made us samples today and they were amazing! And by samples, I mean two 6" cakes. For free. One was white chocolate cake with chocolate ganache filling, the other was white chocolate cake with lemon curd. Her buttercream is ridiculous yummy, and she makes her own fondant out of marshmallows, and it actually tastes good, too! We are SO excited!
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    Sounds great!
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