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Hard to Dance to First Dance Choices

Hi All! My fiance and I have always loved "Anything for You" by Ludo. It's our first choice for a first dance by far, but it's upbeat and hard to dance to. Has anyone had something like that? What did/will you be doing to make it fit? We do have a band for the wedding, and I'm sure they could work with it to slow it down, but I love the song so much as it is. We have another song choice, but nothing means as much to us as that song, so I'm dying to make it work. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated! - Sara

Re: Hard to Dance to First Dance Choices

  • Why not practice taking a spin around your living room to the song and see how it works? We chose a pretty fast song and just sped up the traditional slow dance to match the tempo of the song.
  • Running into the same thing with our song, which I love and is so perfect.. I suppose nobody will be out there critiquing our dance moves though?  :)
  • Dependent on your budget, you could go to a choreographer ... 
    Or youtube and see if anyone has done a first dance to that song and see how they did it? Lol
  • It's a happy day, the happiest. Dance with joy and freedom. Enjoy the day the fullest. Yes, youtube may have some good videos.
  • I love ALL of these, so much! I think we'll just make it work. It's such a fun song ("Anything for You" by Ludo) and I think it being more upbeat is suited to us. Thanks everyone!! :)
  • I love that song!  It will be perfect for you and the moment .... THAT's what your friends and family will see.  No where does it say a first dance has to be S L O W ......  
  • Its your day! GO FOR IT xx Good luck!
  • Just listened to the song, which is awesome btw, and I say go for it! Do some practicing before the big day so that you both can feel the rhythm ahead of time. My FI and I are also dancing to a pretty upbeat song and I am hoping it will keep the energy up and get the party started off on the right foot.

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