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Best brand of bakeware?

Hi! My fiancé and I have nearly completed our registry and are pretty happy with everything! However, we need some help with selecting bakeware. We would want round and square cake pans, muffin and mini muffin tins, 9x13 pan, bundt pan, etc. Just all the basics! Probably something nonstick, but we definitely want something that will last a long time. What bakeware have you gotten and loved? Or what bakeware belongs in the trash?! We are registered at BBB and amazon, so we can add items from any store to our amazon registry. Thanks!

Re: Best brand of bakeware?

  • chibiyuichibiyui member
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    My favorites are calphalon, cusinart, and Nordic ware. Especially for bundt pans, I recommend Nordic ware

    Edit: Nordic ware, not Nordic pro

  • I like calphalon in general. Wilton for cake pans. Nordic for bundt pans.
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  • I don't know what brand they are but I have these air bake cookie sheets. They're amazing. It's almost impossible to burn cookies.

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  • Calphalon or Nordic Ware are my favorites.
  • I like calphalon in general. Wilton for cake pans. Nordic for bundt pans.

    All this.

  • It's not offered at those stores but the goldtouch bakeware line at Williams-Sonoma is amazing, it's the most truly non-stick product I've ever used.  I can burn crap onto the pan and it still comes off with hardly any elbow grease, the only thing I still use aluminum foil for is salmon because I actually WANT the skin to stick to the foil so I don't plate it and it doesn't stick at all on these cookie sheets.

    I'd stay away from the Analon bronze line if you're looking for dishwasher safe.  We got a small set of that and it says dishwasher safe on the box, and when you open it is all "well it kind of is but we HIGHLY recommend handwashing, and the tab-style dishwasher detergent is too harsh and will ruin this".  Um, thanks for putting that disclosure on the box turdfaces, I would have even taken an astricks by the dishwasher safe claim.  If you're fine with handwashing then these seem good too, they have silicon grips on the handles that are nice and I'd imagine BBB carries them.
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    I'm a big fan of Calphalon and I also registered for the Wilton bake and carry set since when I bake sweets it's mostly for potlucks elsewhere. For a few pieces I know we'll use very often, like a loaf dish and a 9x13 covered baking and casserole dish, I registered for Le Creuset.
  • Our kitchen is filled with Calphalon.
  • It's a little more pricey, but I am IN LOVE with Williams Sonoma Goldtouch. You will never buy another cookie sheet again or struggle to remove stuck on cooking spray... I could write a commercial. They're that good.

  • We have calphalon and love it!
  • Thanks everyone!! Seems like everyone loves their calphalon...which is great because it'll match our cookware! :)
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