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Edward Fox Photography

I saw a digital photoalbum by Edward Fox that I absolutely loved...Has anyone had any experience with them? If so...would you recommend them?

Re: Edward Fox Photography

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    Both my best friend and sister-in-law had their pictures taken by photographers from Edward Fox. In my opinion, the pictures were alright. Not bad, but not spectacular, especially with regards to photojournalistic shots. What I don't like about them is that you don't get the rights to your pictures (on a cd) so if any family members want a copy of a picture, they have to pay $8 for a 4x6....I personally would go with a company that gives you the rights to your pictures, and they might give you an album as well, or  you can create amazing looking ones on shutterfly....Just my thoughts...Good luck with your decision!
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    thank you for the input..i haven't researched many..but that is very important (having the rights to your photos)
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    You also have very little control over the actual person/so called photographer they assign to your wedding.  It's like hiring a amateur friend.  Remember, what they show you to get the contract are their top albums, not the average.  

    I recommend you look to hire the actual photographer, not the photo company.

    -L. J. 
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    Thanks for your input..we decided having the rights to our photos is important, so we wouldn't be going with Edward Fox...
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    Smart move.  It still blows my mind that an any educated brides/grooms would go with Edward Fox or any studio that doesn't give couples the ability to choose and get to know their photographer.  There are many great small and medium sized studios/individuals to go to.  However, I'm sure some people are just fine leaving their pictures up to someone based on someone else's judgement.

    Good luck and have fun with this amazing time for you.
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    Awww...thank you...we are scheduling an appointment with Cara Zimmerman. Our wedding isn't until next year, but I want to have the big stuff out of the way
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