Maui or Big Island Wedding

Hi, I was wondering if anyone has any sugestions on wedding reception locations for either Maui or the Big Island. We will have around 13 people and would like something nice but not too pricey for our guests since this is a destination wedding. I would prefer if it was along the beach so we can have they nice Hawaiian vibe. Also if anyone has any suggestions for the ceremony that would be great since I don't really want to pay $3000 for a half hour ceremony like some places are charging. Thanks

Re: Maui or Big Island Wedding

  • I got married in March in Maui. I kind of coordinated everything myself. We had a small group of 20 and we did a beach wedding on the South side and then had a private room reserved at Mala Wailea for the dinner reception. I did work with a coordinator, but it was just a small package for our officiant and obtaining the beach permit. Everything went wonderfully and I could not have asked for anything better. 
  • scubachick125 thanks, did you use a company for the ceremony? if so which one? Thanks
  • Yes I did, I used a coordinator to secure an officiant and to organize the permits needed to get married on the beach. I also used them last minute to find someone to play ukulele during the ceremony. I used Tracy from A Dream Wedding Maui Style. Tracy was very helpful and did a great job. 
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