Advanced Tickets to WedPlan Bridal Expo this weekend?

anyone figure out how to do this through paypal?

I am not understanding the directions.  I usually am pretty on top of figuring things out but I just don't get how to order these tickets in advance!

any help would be most appreciated!


Re: Advanced Tickets to WedPlan Bridal Expo this weekend?

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    I ended up not buying my tickes through paypal for the one in Madison. I signed up for the text alerts for deals and if you brought a can of food, you got the advance ticket price. I would recommend seeing if they have deal alerts via text.
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    Hi I got mine through paypal for Madison, go to the website:


    click on buy tickets under the Milwaukee show and another window will pop up for PayPal and you log into your account and it should basically just walk you through the process.  But you have to have a paypal account.
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    I also bought tickets in advance for the Madison show this past weekend...go through the steps of purchasing the tickets like you'd purchase anything online, but print out your receipt confirmation.  Take it to the show and they should have a separate line when you enter the show for e-tix vs. pay at the door.  They had a guy with a computer who checked my name on the sheet and that was it!!
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