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My new engagement ring spins ahhhhh!

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Hello! My wonderful boyfriend proposed to me in Paris last week. It was magical! The ring is absolutely beautiful, but it spins so much that it ends up the other side of my hand- so the stones are in my palm!! The problem is, is that it seems pretty tight around my knuckles and takes a few seconds to get on and off- it doesn't feel like it's going to slip off. My size is 4.25 and the ring is 7 carats, is that the problem? Too heavy? I would appreciate and welcome any advice- should I have it resized smaller or does anyone have any suggestions of something to use? Thank you!:)

Re: My new engagement ring spins ahhhhh!

  • I would take it to a jeweler and get their professional opinion.  Sounds like it might be too large.  I personally like my rings a LITTLE large for when my fingers and hands swell (like right now; I'm pregnant and can only fit my wedding band on my finger; forget about the e-ring!).

    Also, I'm wondering if you meant to post this to the October 2014 or even October 2015 Weddings boards?

    Congratulations in any case and welcome to The Knot!!
  • shayla congrats on the pregancy!
  • I think it can be due to the carat size. You should certainly take the ring to the jeweler and get it checked if the spin of the ring is causing you problem. The reason why is is kind of tight on the knuckles and okay lower than that can be as the area below them is softer. Please consult a professional jeweler as if all the time, stones are on your palm, there is a risk of them getting scratched.
  • My hubbs to be had the same problem with his rings.  He has large knuckles due to a sports injury so when we ordered our bands the jewler recommended a Superfit. It opens and closes on a hingy thing so you dont even have to slide it on. It fits snug around his finger.  Hope this helps :)

    heres their website
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