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Back to the Drawing Board...No Longer an Aria Bride

So sad...I learned yesterday that the VP of Security said no to removing my trespass ban despite me pressing charges against the girl and having done nothing wrong! From what I understand he didn't even look at my file (or 29 other people!) and just said no to them all! We made the decision that it wouldn't be in my best interest to get married or stay at Aria :( 

Now I am back to the drawing! I have started looking at some options and would love some thoughts. I was hoping to find something elegant and chic like Aria. Here is what I am looking at now but am open to other options (remember I am banned from all MGM properties!):

Cosmo Wedding Suite or Point Loma room
Planet Hollywood Chapel
Ceaser's Juno Gardens
Flamingo Crescendo Pool or Garden Chapel

Thanks in advance ladies and gents!

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Re: Back to the Drawing Board...No Longer an Aria Bride

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