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Bridal Show Expo

Does anyone have any advice on the Bridal Show Expo in Brookfield at the Shearaton?  Is it a show worth going to?

We are newly engaged and really right now looking to nail down a venue we like.  I have an idea of venues I like, my parents (from out of town) have an idea of venues they want to see, and my FI is clueless!  I would really like a place we can do a quick see with multiple venues then narrow down a list of our top venues we want to go visit.  Hoping maybe some can help let me know if a lot of the Milwaukee venues are represented at the show.  So far the web admin has just told me "there will be Miwaukee vendors there".

Re: Bridal Show Expo

  • There are a lot of vendors at this Bridal Expo.  I went to it last fall and I got some good information but it is usually really crowded and hard to move through.  If you can deal with that I'm sure you can get some of the info that you are looking for.
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  • Ehhhhh I tend to think these things are a bit of a scam. You have to pay money to go see vendors that you could just research online for free?

    You and FI will have to decide if you want your wedding at a hotel, banquet hall, park, or other venue.

    Check out the venues at the link below. Feel free to post here asking for specific suggestions!

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    Thanks for the responses.  We have an idea that we want something that is uniquely Milwaukee.  We are thinking of really pulling out the culture of Milwaukee that we love doing something that involves breweries/wheat with the wedding.  I really like the venues with their own charm.

    Hotels are definitely out, family memebers work in the hotel industry and I think we are all pretty sick of a standard ballroom by now.  Not that there aren't great ones here, but when you're using them day in and day out, you don't want to party there. 

    I think I will take my parents there so they can meet some venues they were researching, and from there make a hit list of venues we want to meet with.

    Top choices so far are:
    Best Place at Pabst
    Lakefront Brewery
    Pilot House

    Hoping to see them and meet with a few others we're considering.
  • I don't know if they're still doing so, but they were sending free tickets to this event a while back. I have a set of 4 of them, and would be happy to send you two of them, so you don't have to purchase tickets. Let me know.
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  • I went to this bridal expo two years ago, and found it a complete waste of time. The major wedding show in January would have been much more useful, because they have so many more vendors ... but we the time we weren't planning on having the wedding in Wisconsin so we didn't attend.
  • You will not find the info you are looking for at this expo.  I found the best research you can do is online and then narrow your search and see those venues in person.  The expos are high pressure events where they try to get you to sign a contract right there and you don't have the benefit of doing research on other vendors.  Additionally, usually these expos don't have many venues - when I attended this one, I noticed a huge focus on DJs and also some photographers, florists, cake people, and many services I didn't need like limos, tux rental, etc.  The only one I think is a bit worthwhile is the one at State Fair park, but that was last month.  With all the online information at your fingertips, I think it's easier to go that route personally.
  • Overly crowded and trying to weave on the path they have set up is ridiculous.  We got better deals outside of the show and my email was swamped with worthless emails after it.  This one is really not worth the time.
  • A heads up re: Lakefront Brewery, the last I spoke with them they aren't holding weddings at there after the end of 2013. Vecchio Entertainment Group (http://www.lakefrontpalmgarden.com/Banquets---Weddings.html) is the company that manages the weddings there. Maybe things have changed, but definitely something to check on. Best of Luck!
  • In Response to <a href="http://forums.theknot.com/Sites/theknot/Pages/Main.aspx/local-wedding-boards_wisconsin_bridal-show-expo?plckFindPostKey=Cat:Local Wedding BoardsForum:118Discussion:d06b57e9-2908-4215-8ae7-ebb9f0f64dc4Post:68cf8c65-5ee9-40c8-b8de-850abc480992">Re: Bridal Show Expo</a>:
    [QUOTE]A heads up re: Lakefront Brewery, the last I spoke with them they aren't holding weddings at there after the end of 2013.
    Posted by KatieK032[/QUOTE]

    Yup, sadly you are correct.  Lakefront is no longer doing weddings.  Oh well.  We've decided to blow off the Bridal Expo and have some appointments setup with our top choice venues over St. Patrick's weekend when the parents are visiting.  I'm excited to start looking and get a date set!
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