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Rethinking Bridesmaids Gifts

Long story short I, the bride, missed a conversation when the bridesmaids decided on jewelry. Which is fine I'm not too concerned about what jewelry they wear on the day of. However they decided to buy necklaces which surprised me since I don't have strong feelings on the subject and figured they would wear something they already owned. 

I was planning to give them sterling silver necklaces that I designed for each of them, not necessarily for the wedding but more as a thank you. They are relatively simple but a nice piece to wear to work or even casual settings. Anyway now I feel silly because none of them wear a lot of jewelry and now I'm introducing a second necklace. 

should I:
a) Try to return the necklaces, not sure this is possible since I designed them.
b) Save the necklaces for a different occasion, birthday or christmas, and get something different for the bridesmaids presents
c) Just stick with the original plan to give them the necklaces as the bridesmaids presents
d) none of the above

This may seem unnecessary but I worked on coming up with a present of a few months and now I just feel silly.

Re: Rethinking Bridesmaids Gifts

  • lilacck28lilacck28 member
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    I say b or c. If your budget is tight, then c. 
  • Jen4948Jen4948 Houston member
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    Well, they shouldn't be the ones to decide what they get.  That should be up to you.

    But, whatever you give them should not be anything you require them to wear or use at your wedding.  If you do that, whatever you're giving them is not a "gift" but part of their "uniform," so to speak.

    If they really want jewelry, I'd consider what fits in your budget that they would like and go from there.  Otherwise, shop for each one individually and delink the choice from your wedding, as in, what would you give each one as a gift if the occasion were not that they were your bridesmaids?
  • Give them the necklaces. Make a joke of it. Make it clear you didn't intend them to wear the necklaces at the wedding anyway. Laugh about it. Have fun. Get married. Enjoy!
    [Deleted User]hggy15
  • I say stick with the gifts you picked out. Maybe give them after the wedding so they don't feel obligated to wear them to the wedding.
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  • You have so much else to worry about...this shouldn't be a big concern. You put a lot of thought into them by designing them yourself. I say stick with it! They probably will end up wearing them anyway instead of the others because it was such a sweet gesture. That's what we did in the last wedding I was in. Don't fret.
  • lc07lc07 Sunny Southern California member
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    Either give them the necklaces well in advance of the wedding and mention that it is a gift for being such a kind and wonderful friend and that it is not intended to be wedding day jewelry. Or, I also love @mysticl 's idea of giving it to them afterwards so there is no pressure.
  • Don't feel silly. You designed something for them! That is so nice :)
  • I'd say stick with it. 
  • Give it to them afterwards so they're off the hook thinking it's wedding jewelry. Maybe the morning after, if they're still around, or the end of the night.
    I'm out.
  • I would give them to them, either as BM gifts or a later occasion. You did design them for each individual BM and you don't expect them to wear them the day-of. If you give them the necklaces as BM gifts I would wait until after the wedding.
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