Wedding Recap and Withdrawal

Wedding recap

Just returned from our honeymoon and could not be happier to be back to "Normal Life" as Mr & Mrs!

A couple of funny things that I wanted to share on here:
I was hell bent on "No kids" at our reception, which most people respected, but several did not. There were maybe 5-9 kids at the reception and I barely even noticed! It was only when we were watching our wedding video and I could hear them chattering that I even realized they were there.

I could not have cared less about what people wore to my wedding. People asked me repeatedly: "Is it okay if I wear such and such?" and "What color are the bridesmaids? I don't want to match". I must have said "I don't care" a million times. But then at the wedding I actually noticed that two women were wearing white! I can't believe I actually noticed, but didn't notice the kids!

These women wearing white obviously had no negative impact on my day whatsoever, but I did feel a little snarky towards them.

Crazy what you notice and what you don't!

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