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In-Laws yeesh

My soon-to-be mother-in-law has taken charge of the rehearsal dinner. This was a-okay by me with our wedding day drawing nearer and nearer (August 9th!). We have picked a great location (it's all taking place in Hawaii, so what location wouldn't be good) and all has seemed great. Until, that is, I mentioned a few individuals that she was NOT ok with coming to the rehearsal dinner. My fiance has two half-sisters and we are of course inviting them, as well as their mother (who would be wife fiance's mother being wife #1). Their mother has soooo helpful and accomodating to the both of us with planning and advice. We love her.

Well, the individuals my MIL did NOT want to invite was wife #2 (who is also no longer married to the father of the groom!). Her retort back to me after I named off a few people was, 'Well I am the one paying for the dinner, you know'. So my question I being a bit of a brat if my initial response is, 'Yea and this is MY wedding!!'?????? I do not want to overstep my boundaries here, but at the same time my fiance and I want her there! Should my MIL have a right to invite or uninvite people to our rehearsal dinner? What are the rules here, if any??? HELP!

Re: In-Laws yeesh

  • Not sure-- you might want to post this on the Etiquette board.

    Is your fiance's father currently married to this woman?  If so and assuming he is coming to the dinner, she should obviously be invited as his wife.  Also how old are the girls?  If children are coming (flower girls etc) I think their parents should be invited too.  
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