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Wedding Guest's Email Addresses


I am wondering where to find my guests email addresses once they RSVP.  When I got the notification that they RSVP'd an email address was provided and when I log into my account here, I can't seem to find where those emails are listed.

Thank you!


Re: Wedding Guest's Email Addresses

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    It doesn't store them. It is so stupid that it even asks for them because there is absolutely nothing TK does with them. (At least this was the case two years ago.)

    I also recommend backing up your RSVPs because to tends to glitch and may lose all that information it lost some of mine. And some people have reported losing their entire guest list.
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    Wow.  Thanks for the help! I will be sure to manually keep track of the email addresses that the guests provide me. Thanks again!
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    Sorry I couldn't be of more help. :(
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    I was wondering the same thing! I deleted the emails I received and now need the guests' emails for a welcome dinner evite. Ugh!
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    It's a shame nobody from TK answered you. I hope they did in a PM b/c if not, it makes me sad.
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