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I'm having a bit of trouble deciding on the wording for the invitations...I have my parents listed as the hosts because they are paying for the catering which is the most expensive part but my FMIL has offered to pay for the flowers and cake....do I word both of them as the hosts?? What is everyone else doing??

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  • You could always say "Together With Their Parents" so that you account for everyone and no one feels left out.
  • I put "together with their parents" for pretty much the same split: parents covered catering, and FILs paid for flowers and our favors(succulents)
  • I know it's not necessarily proper or traditional, but I listed both parents because I wanted to. We used: MR. AND MRS. (my parents) REQUEST THE HONOUR OF YOUR PRESENCE AT THE MARRIAGE OF THEIR DAUGHTER beachyone15 TO beachyone15's FI SON OF MR. AND MRS. (his parents) ON SATURDAY, THE (insert date here) OF OCTOBER TWO THOUSAND FOURTEEN AT THREE O’CLOCK IN THE AFTERNOON (Church name) (Street) (City, State)

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    I think together with their parents/families is the best here if you want to consider both sets of parents to be the hosts. Hosting duties don't go to the person/couple who is paying the most necessarily though. The host/hostess is the person who the rsvp's are returned to, who greets the guests, takes care of everyone's needs at the party, stuff like that. Maybe that will help you to figure it out a little more?

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    Neither set of our parents are hosting/paying for anything, but we worded ours as "together with their parents" to save the headache of offending anyone
  • Thanks ladies for all the help! I think we got one pinned down ;) you would have thought picking out words and fonts and colors for invitations would be such a daunting task!! This has been the most difficult item for us to pick out and finish!! lol
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